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Hello from a newbie

Discussion in 'INTRODUCTIONS - New Members' started by Lissandragaren3, Jan 11, 2019.

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    Make Snaptube better with these useful tips and tricks

    When it comes to video downloaders for Android, Snaptube apk: an incredible free Yotube downloader app for your Android is probably one of the first names appearing in the user’s mind. Keep reading our article to find out some of the most useful tips that make Snaptube perform better.

    There are millions of Snaptube users around the world, but not everyone knows the hidden features of this top video downloader. We all know the main feature of Snaptube is that it allows users to download videos for free for offline watching, which is extremely useful in case an Internet connection is not available. However, you can also make the app’s performance even better by using some tips and tricks. As mentioned above, in this article, we will introduce you to some useful Snaptube tips that you should know while using this app.


    Download videos from various sources

    Youtube is undoubtedly the most popular video streaming service today. Whatever you want to see, from dramas, blockbusters, TV shows or funny videos, most of them can be found on Youtube. There are absolutely a lot of interesting videos that you will want to save on your device for offline viewing, but YouTube usually does not allow you to do this because it violates some vendor policies. Fortunately, known as the best Fb video downloader apk, Snaptube allows you to download these videos easily and completely for free. Not only that, but Snaptube also allows you to download videos from various sources such as Facebook, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Instagram, and more.

    Convert audio files

    Another interesting feature of Snaptube that many users may not know is its built-in MP3 converter. This feature allows users to download audio files in M4A format and convert them to MP3, making it easy to extend your music library.

    Use keywords

    With a user-friendly interface, Snaptube helps users easily to find any their favorite video and download them for free. However, if you want to find a video, song or podcast as fast as possible, you should use keywords. For example, if you are looking for the newest songs from your favored artist, you just need to enter the name of the artist, and then Snaptube will automatically return all the matching results, from which you can select videos or songs you need and download.

    Built-in audio and video player

    One of the reasons making Snaptube become one of the most popular video downloaders today is that it provides users with everything to stream their favorite content without having to install another app from the third parties. With the built-in audio and video player, you can easily enjoy any favorite video directly in the app.


    Access blocked area content

    One of the things that makes people feel most uncomfortable when watching online videos is that some of them are limited to viewing in certain areas. To deal with this problem, in addition to using VPN services, Snaptube also provides a small trick that can help you disable those blocked content. First, you open the app and go to the "Content location" section, then a list will pop up showing a variety of countries. Users can then choose any country to access restricted-area content.


    Snaptube also allows users to easily multitask while using it. This app offers a special feature that allows you to keep videos on top in the pop-up mode. You can enable this feature by going to Settings, selecting Picture in Picture at the bottom.

    Increase download speed

    Users can also increase download speed with just a few simple steps. Go to the Settings section and activate the options that help boost their speed.

    Save storage space

    Memory capacity is one of the top concerns of mobile device users, especially those who use low-end devices or devices which do not support microSD memory cards. To save memory for your device, you can download videos with lower resolutions. Before downloading a video, you can customize the quality of it so let’s choose the right resolution, which is suitable with your Internet speed and memory space.

    Experience without ads

    Although Snaptube is a free app, it does not contain advertising to ensure the best experience for users. So if you see Snaptube starting displaying ads, you can uninstall the app and find another reliable APK store to download and reinstall this app.


    Trending videos

    SnapTube offers a very useful section called “Popular” that can be used to find trending videos from YouTube and you can choose to view them directly in the app or download to your device to view them later.

    High-quality sound

    As mentioned above, SnapTube also allows you to download audio files that can help you expand your music library without paying any cost. The great thing here is that users can choose to download in the MP4A or MP3 formats that can help improve the file’s sound quality.

    Some Snaptube FAQs

    Q: Where can we download Snaptube APK file?

    A: There are not many reliable APK sites for you to download its APK file, so one of the best places to download and install this app is Snaptube apk at top1apk.com which is very safe and regularly updated.

    Q: How to download Facebook videos?

    A: Open Snaptube and log into your Facebook, you will see a download button in white next to the video, tap this button to download.

    Q: How can we download photos or videos from Instagram?

    A: Click the “Add” button and then choose “Copy Share Url.” After that, return to Snaptube, it will open the URL automatically, so you just need to click the Download button.

    Q: Why can't we use 'copy URL' to download videos from Facebook?

    A: The 'copy URL' feature is only available for public videos, for videos which are shared with secret groups, Snaptube is not accessible.

    Q: Why do we have to wait for a while when downloading large files?

    A: Snaptube needs a bit of time when storing everything on your mobile device. Save the file to the phone memory will take less time than storing on the SD card.

    Q: Why does downloading task suddenly stop?

    A: The downloading process will stop when the Internet connection is too slow or unstable. After trying to reconnect in a limited time and if this problem still exists, the download process is stopped.

    Hope you find our article useful and if you have any other Snaptube tips, feel free to share them with us. Thanks!
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