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Discussion in 'Ibiza Mk1' started by Mk1 & Mighty, Jul 26, 2008.

  1. Mk1 & Mighty

    Mk1 & Mighty Guest

    Hey guys, i'm new here although i've been keeping up to date through the wife, SofaGeeza. Well i finally decided to sign up. I've got myself a lovely little Mk1 Ibiza 'Friend'. This one is the 1993 1.2 Fuel injected, System Porsche. It had 12000 Genuine miles on it when i bought it just over a month ago, and since then i cant keep my hands off it.

    Have pulled out the rear seats (gently) and put them into storage, and replaced the space with a pair of Kenwwod 6x9's 400 watt and a 700 watt sub with a small space at the back for the relocated spare all boxed in and finished with acoustic carpet. Pulled out the original air filter and replaced with a custom induction. reloctaed the battery to fit an air flow onto the new induction. Have a set of 15" black multispoke alloys on the way. The wheels on there at the mo are steels with huge tyres that make the wheels the same size as the wifes 17" so i'm not worrying a great deal about rubbing e.t.c. Next job is to lower it and tint the windows and then just some general t.l.c to get the paint work tidied up.

    The only descent pic i seem to have at the moment:

  2. hi

    very nice example of a MK1 you have

    nice to see them still around
  3. wilz

    Jun 17, 2007
    Likes Received:
    Well the mk1 section might star to pick up now
  4. Mat

    Mat Guest

    12000! should that be 120000???

    must be one of the only owners on here!

    however, I did see one a few months ago in sheffield, looked a bag of nails! rust all over!

    Nice looking motor there fella

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