Help!?! DPF, EGR, Remap issues

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    Hi guys.
    I am aware that there is a lot of talk about DPF and EGR problems but I just want to ask if someone can give me a clear route to sorting my issues.
    I want to do all I can to sort my car out and quickly.
    I'm pretty fed up about it not running right.

    I have a 56 Altea FR TDI.
    I had a DPF issue so decided to go for a delete and remap.
    After having the remap and delete done, the guy who did it said he had to run a lower power map because my car kept cutting power at higher boost levels.
    I had the car back foe 2 weeks when it started to regen and popped the eml and regen lights on.
    I was told it was a maf problem so replaced that, I wasn't convinced but did it any way.
    He reset the ecu, it happened again.
    I took it back and he kept the car for 2 weeks. Said he reset the map because it was cutting power again so it isnt running with a power map any more, sluggish.
    The tuner says that it's my injectors but I'm not convinced.

    Now the eml light is on again.:cry:

    What the hell do I do?
    I want my money back for the remap seeing as it's not running an efficient map, no power and worse economy, is that a realistic expectation?
    So because the guy thinks it's the injectors he's passed it back to me and I'm not happy.

    I want to know the route I should take now, from people who have experience with these issues and an give me a DPF for Dummies run down on the repair route I need to take now to resolve my issues.
    I just can't think straight about it right now so I need some support.

    I must say though that I think I've been a bit foolish because I took it to a tuner with only a little VAG experience and as it turns out, no VAGCOM. DOH!

  2. G31

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    May 18, 2014
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    It sounds like he doesn't know what he's doing mate. I'm no expert on DPF's either, if the remap has been removed would this cause the eml light to come back on as the original map thinks there is a DPF?
  3. uknowthat

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    Apr 3, 2014
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    I know this is a old post hope you have sorted your problems.
    it sounds like that the DPF was removed but the ecu still thinks its there, I thought when you had it deleted the ecu needed reprogramming.
  4. Dan FR

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    It does, but there is a lot more to the software side than just 'deleting' the DPF, thee are several maps that need adjusting and i've seen many a cowboy just delete the DTC.

    To me the original issue sounds 100% software related. Decent software needed.
  5. AndrewJB

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    Aug 16, 2007
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    cowboy springs to mind
  6. Fmxvxx

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    Dec 21, 2014
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    Seen this before from people selling DPF deletes all there selling is the actual removal of the DPF filter and deleting the DTC that it brings up.

    Few notes to remember if you're buying a "custom Map" if you're car isn't on a dyno you're being lied to.

    Be aware of your cars limitations For example coming from a vauxhall background When the Sports button was introduced there where many people claiming to remap onto the sports button so the car would run a high and low map so you could get High bhp on sport and good fuel efficiency of it, but the car it's self can only hold one map (astra H) and what they actually did it simply limit the amount the throttle opened so non sports button gave you 80% throttle on sport 100%

    Another note to remember with Dpf now is it's actually an MOT Fail to remove them from a car that had one fitted (not much of an issue taking an older car to a independent Garage but taking you're 2011 for an MOT at a main dealer they will pick up on it.

    And lastly before i write an essay remember that ultimate bhp isn't everything lots of maps are designed for that great max bhp figure and ignore bottom/midrange power choose a map that is right for your use.

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