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Hi Folks

Discussion in 'INTRODUCTIONS - New Members' started by Jane_LeonCupraR, Apr 1, 2012.

  1. For starters I'm Jane, located in Stockton on Tees (north east England).

    I have recently sold my 1989 mk1 Golf GTI Convertible with the intentions to use the mular to fund my new dream, Seat Leon Cupra R 225bhp, preferably 2004-2006. My reason for change is I have recently become a mother and I just couldn't justify putting my little boy into the cabby under the grounds of safety and reliability, plus require 5doors for ease and a large boot. Therefore I have managed to talk myself into the car of choice as I don't want a standard family bus.

    As I have not yet purchased my car any help in doing so would be fantastic, I have located a couple of interesting ones that I'm going to pursue this week but nothing has actually come of anything so far. I have no issues with traveling as myself and my partner (Richard who owns a MK2 Golf 8V GTi) are off a couple of days this week so a run out somewhere will be a nice thing to do.

    Cheers for your time and expect to hear from me in many threads.
  2. DOLBY

    DOLBY Nothing to say ATM...erm

    Jun 24, 2006
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    welcomes etc etc
  3. Picked my little beauty up last thursday, will get some images up very soon.

    It's an LCR 225 on a 2005 (55)....very low mileage and in vibrant yellow, I love it. Is there a starting point of playing with things? As one thing I would really like is a dump valve but someone has mentioned about a Turbo Intake Pipe. Any advice is welcome. :)

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