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Holders - Congresbury

Discussion in 'SEAT UK Dealer Network' started by kevlar, Oct 29, 2018.

  1. kevlar

    kevlar Active Member

    Oct 23, 2018
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    Thought I would just do a quick post on Holders, I lease a Seat Ateca through them - I was recommended Holders by a friend who had used them for years also his brother in law - you get the ideal!.

    The order process was easy enough as I do a lease at the time they were the cheapest with met paint FOC, dealt with Alan an 'old school' sales man I would say, but in a good way - they were always friendly and helpful.

    Took my Ateca for its first service in January there and they are not close to where I live, slightly painful trying to book the car in though as they didnt seem keen on me booking the car in advance of needing the service even though I knew by the date I booked it would have the service now indicator on, but still booked it in eventually and dropped it off - car all sorted in few hours just a phone call to advise battery in my key was low.

    So second service due to mileage and I again had the same issue getting the car booked in, but forced that I wanted to it done,so 2nd service sorted 2 weeks ago and again all sorted no problems checked and sorted some small issues I had with car to.

    Also I requested they do not wash the car which they had no problem with on both occasions.

    Sadly they were not able to match a lease deal on the Cupra this time around, would happily take it there for its service though and happy to recommend them to all.
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  2. ALTEA4

    ALTEA4 Active Member

    Jan 12, 2019
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    I've called in a couple of times since purchasing the Freetrack. Apart from the SEAT Fixed Price Service and Maintenance I've found their quoted prices for parts and labour quite steep. £90+vat for labour , is this on par with other SEAT dealers? I use my local indie who is 50%

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