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How to remove the gear knob skirt

Discussion in 'Ateca' started by pbolding, Nov 23, 2018.

  1. pbolding

    pbolding Active Member

    Apr 2, 2018
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    A heavy-handed passenger has pushed my driving mode knob through the housing in my manual Ateca. In the vain hope I might be able to fix it if I could get access behind, can anyone advise how to remove the skirt around the gear stick?
  2. Tell

    Tell Full Member

    Jun 27, 2004
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    Reckon it's this from the bodywork interior fitting Erwin pdf manual

    (D4B80614FCB-Bodywork_-_Interior_fitting_work.pdf was in my file)

    Release lever - 3409-
    – Switch of the ignition and all electrical loads and, depending
    on the version, pull out the ignition key.
    – Separate the gear lever sleeve from the centre console insert
    ⇒ Operating element, Housing; Rep. gr. 34 ; Selector mech‐
    anism; Removing and installing gear lever knob .
    – Remove the rear part of the centre console insert -1- in the
    direction of the arrow -A-.
    – Pull off the centre console insert -1- in the direction of the
    -arrow B-.
    – According to the equipment, unplug the electrical connections.
    – Bring the centre console insert -1- to its place of installation
    and plug in all electrical connections.
    – Move the dashboard insert -1- in the direction of the
    -arrow A- engage the upper clips -2- in their seatings.
    – Push the console insert in the direction of the -arrow B- until
    the latching lugs are heard to click home.
    ♦ Before fitting the console insert, check the condition of the clips
    and replace if necessary.
    ♦ Check that all electrical connectors are heard to click home.
    3.4 Remove and install trim for operating
    and display unit
    Special tools and workshop equipment required

    The manual has pictures... £8 per hour you can download the full set of manuals. Basically they use VAG tool 3409 too pop the plastic fitting that holdd the usb / 12 volt etc all the way down. Clips hold top and bottom. Looks like it pops the bottom first, tilt up, then the top end lug clears. Doesn't appear to have lugs on the side.

    I gave a link to the Erwin manuals. Think that's the bit you are talking about / would like to remove perhaps. Releases the whole lot around the stick. I'd download the manuals and have a look.

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