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Ibiza 6L mirror adjuster control knob

Discussion in 'Horton SEAT - Parts Sponsor' started by mjstokes85, Jul 28, 2019.

  1. mjstokes85

    mjstokes85 Diesel Power

    Nov 14, 2005
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    Hi there, the electric mirror adjust knob on my Cupra has stopped “locking” in place when I twist it to the various positions. Trouble I have is I have power folding and heated mirrors and these adjusters are so rare to find online especially for RHD cars, I’m actually struggling to find the exact part number. It’s one of these below (I think) but without taking the door card off at the moment I’m not sure. So for clarity I need a RHD electric mirror adjuster that also has the heated option and the power fold option! It must be one of these. Thanks!
    Edit: after more internet searching I’m 99% sure the part number is either:
    6L2959565F H20
    6L2959565G H20

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