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ibiza/cordoba 93-99 service indicator system

Discussion in 'Cordoba' started by Fl@pper, Jul 17, 2004.

  1. Fl@pper

    Fl@pper Back older greyer and less oilier but always hope

    Jun 19, 2001
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    the computer has counters that not only count the miles from the speedo but also
    a time count as well


    IN00 - No service is required - standard display

    OEL - When 7500 miles has been reached before the yearly service is required

    IN01 - Indicates time for the yearly service inc oil change

    IN02 - Indicates it is time for the Major service


    1- turn on ignition (do not start)

    2- Press the trip-reset button button on the speedo (the trip value will not reset to
    zero but will reappear when the procedure is finished)

    3- Turn off the ignition and thne release the trip-reset button

    In the LCD display you will see the word "OEL"

    Using the minute set button for the clock (lower one) you will reset the OEL interval

    press it - hold - release - 5 horizontal lines will appear in the display

    4- press and release the trip-reset button

    In the LCD display you will see "IN01" repeat step 3 to reset the inspection counter when required

    5- Again press the trip-reset and rest the "IN02" counter if necessary

    If doing an oil change only reset the "OEL" counter

    If doing an inspection service reset both the "OEL" and "IN01" counters

    If doing a full service reset all 3 - "OEL" "IN01" & "IN02"

    6- Turn on ignition (do not start the car)

    7- After the appearance of the "IN00" display turn off the ignition

    8- You are done - the trip counter should read as it did before you started


    With todays higher spec oils and/or peoples need and desire to service more regular there is a way
    to alter the counters to your prefered settings (within reason)

    1- Turn on ignition (don't start the car)

    2- press the trip-reset button also press the Minute set button on the clock (lower one)

    3- The LCD display "OEL 1,S" where the "S" indicates SET

    4- Using the trip-reset button you can call up the following counter data in sequence

    OEL 1,S - Distance counter for oil change (7500 standard)

    OEL 2,S - Time counter for oil change (12 months)

    IN 01,S - Time counter for yearly service interval (12 months)

    IN 02,S - Distance counter for full service (15000 miles)

    5- Using the minute SET button on the clock (lower one) you can display the current value
    repeated pressing of the button will select a subsequent lower value and at the lowest level
    will reset to the highest and start to decrease again (so don't panic)

    the steps work in miles (500 at a time) and time steps in bi-monthly (1=2months) i.e.1-2-3-4-5-6

    6- Once you have set the counter to the value you require - turn off the ignition

    7- Job done :)

    any spelling mistakes or errors drop me a line as i'm crap @ proof reading - lol
  2. Tom B

    Tom B Active Member

    Apr 2, 2002
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    I'm going to try this later as the Cordy one has been on since I got it.

    Wish me luck!

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