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Ibiza Cupra fuel and temp gauge problems

Discussion in 'Ibiza' started by les Harding, Aug 26, 2007.

  1. les Harding

    les Harding Guest

    Got an X reg Ibiza Cupra. Started having problems a couple of months ago when the coolant fans wouldn't cut in. Thought it was sorted by garage, but the fault returned a couple of weeks ago when i was in traffic. Took it back to the garage and it seemed to be working OK. They said it was something to do with the fuse bracket on the top of the battery (the small fuse at the end had overheated and melted some of the plastic), which they cleaned up. Since then, the temp and fuel gauges have stopped working - well the needles move about a millimetre when the ignition is switched on. In addition the red and orange LEDS light up briefly when the ignition is switched on but go out after a couple of seconds. Had an auto electrician look at it who says the sender units are working fine and the gauges are OK as well. He said it's something in between not communicating. I've changed the bracket on top of the battery and cleaned up the two earth bolts at the back of the engine compartment just below the windscreen.

    Anyone got any ideas what might be causing these faults (fans and gauges) or where I can fine a wiring diagram for the car?
  2. ibizacupra

    ibizacupra Jack-RIP my little Friend

    Jul 25, 2001
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    you replaced the top fuse carrier complete on the top of the battery yea?
    checked the earth under and around the battery

    fuel gauge going odd i've had on mine and was the speedo connector on the g'box would you believe... check engine earths..
  3. les Harding

    les Harding Guest

    Yes, replaced the complete top fuse carrier (£40 from Seat in Swindon - very helpful technician there). Haven't checked any earths under and around the battery though - only the ones at the back of the engine bay. Apart from the main earth terminal being earthed near the battery, I didn't think there would be any other earths in that area. I will look because I'm convinced it's something to do with something in the battery area - the garage fiddled around there and got the fans going (even though they packed up again) and the gauges were working fine before they touched anything, and they only cleaned up the top fuse carrier.

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