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ibiza mk4 part numbers

Discussion in 'Mk4 Ibiza Guides (6L) 2002-2008' started by ossie-marc, May 29, 2009.

  1. ossie-marc

    ossie-marc Guest

    This is a start to try and get all the part numbers in one place instead of though a 18 page thread which takes ages to read though so here gose

    Servicing parts

    PD130 Air filter – 6Q0129620
    PD130 Oil Filter – 071115562A
    PD130 Pollen filter – 6Q0820367
    Sump plug with washer – N90813201

    General Parts and mods

    Cupra intake adapter – 6LL129621
    Cupra intake hose – 6LL129618
    LCR Splitter – 1ML805903
    Rear valence with exhaust cut out – 6L6807521BB41
    Mudflaps – 6L0075101 + 6L0075111
    PD130 top mounts – 6Q0412331B
    PD130 top mount bearings – 6N0412249C
    PD130 MAF – 074906461B
    VW W8 interior light – 3B7 947 105 F 2EN


    20VT badge (red ‘T’) – 1M6 853 687 C GQF
    TDI badge (red ‘DI’) – 1M6853687KGQF
    I B I Z A badge (spaced out) – 6L6 853 687 739


    TT Clutch Pedal – 8N0721174A01C
    TT Brake Pedal – 8N0721173A
    TT LHD Accelerator Pedal – 8N1721647B

    Bumper upgrades

    Cupra Front - 6LL 807 217 A GRU
    Front grille - 6LL 853 667 79Y
    O/S Fog Cover - 6LL 853 665 79Y
    N/S Fog Cover - 6LL 853 666 79Y
    Towing eye cover - 6LL 807 241 79Y

    Cupra/facelift Rear - 6LL 807 417 A GRU
    Lower spoiler - 6LL 807 521 79Y
    O/S Reflector - 6L5 945 105
    N/S Reflector - 6L5 945 106

    Sideskirts - 6L0071610

    FR Grilles
    Centre - 6L0 853 667 C 01C
    Left Fog Lamp Cover - 6L0 853 665 C 01C
    Right Fog Lamp Cover - 6L0 853 666 N 01C

    Radiator Grille Left - 6L0 853 677 A 01C
    Radiator Grille Right - 6L0 853 676 A 01C

    fog lamp kit

    side rubbing strip part no.s
    6L3853536B 9B9
    6L3853535B B41
    6L3853515B 9B9
    6L3853516B 9B9

    6L0071710 seat sport strut brace

    20VT badge (red ‘T’) – 1M6 853 687 C GQF
    TDI badge (red ‘DI’) – 1M6853687KGQF
    I B I Z A badge (spaced out) – 6L6 853 687 739

    sport gear knob 5P1064320

    battery cover top bit 6Q0 915 429 B

    wing mirror covers fr
    6l0 857 537 1bc
    6l0 857 538 1bc

    cupra bootlid spolier 6LL827939AGRU

    1.2 egr
    03D 131 503 D
    03E 133 778 A

    that is a start i will try and continue updating soon
  2. cupratdianth

    cupratdianth Guest

    what are the part numbers for the FR grill bits on the front (honeycombe ones)...the ones either side of the centre badge?

  3. Fl@pper

    Fl@pper Back older greyer and less oilier but always hope

    Jun 19, 2001
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    made stickie if it helps - let me know when ya cleared the other one out

    gis a shout when you want this cleaned up too
  4. ossie-marc

    ossie-marc Guest

    hi sorry for the delay on the replies
    i have been away for month so aint really been on
    i am bk on monday so i will sort it out then i will have a go at get in the grill part numbers for u
  5. Lippo

    Lippo YNWA

    May 8, 2006
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    I think the FR honeycomb grill part numbers are;

    6L6 853 677 - left

    6L6 853 676 - right

    6L6 853 667 A - centre (large piece inbetween fogs)

    6L6 853 665 B - left fog surround

    6L6 853 666 B - right fog surround.

    These are for black items, anthracite is 79Y instead of A or B. hope this helps. Always check with the dealer first.
  6. barters3

    barters3 Active Member

    Nov 20, 2010
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    Does anybody know the part no of an off side cupra headlight. Cheers.
  7. hi am looking for the part number for the power steering pump for a seat ibiza 1.9 tdi sport 53 plate. WEould be a big help as someone fitted a 1.2 vw polo and seat wont tell me the right code. All so they want 650 pound for a new one
  8. the bear1986

    the bear1986 Active Member

    Jul 25, 2007
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    does anyone know the part number for the FR or Cupra gear knob and gaitar please
  9. Badger

    Badger Active Member

    Dec 2, 2012
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  10. kripteksi

    kripteksi Active Member

    Mar 14, 2017
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    There are some aplications (databases) for autoparts. I'll try to research something..

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