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Ibiza pd160 intermittent non start help needed

Discussion in '(Archived) Engine Discussion and Tuning' started by johnny77, Jun 29, 2019.

  1. johnny77

    johnny77 Active Member

    May 29, 2013
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    Hi all,
    I have an Ibiza cupra pd 160. A few weeks ago it cut out and wouldn’t re-start. After a quick look I realised the vacuum control unit on the strut top wasn’t operating, causing the throttle flap to be permanently shut. I’ve blanked the vac pipes to the egr and flap so at least it will run, but now occasionally it’s realy flat, with an ignition cycle it will be ok for a day or so but then it returns flat.

    I have the following codes stored.

    P1524 fuel pump relay j17 open or short to ground
    P1441 egr valve n18 open circuit or short to ground
    P3105 valve for intake manifold flap n239 open circuit or short to ground
    P1619 glow plug relay j52 open or short to ground
    P1549 n75 boost pressure regulator open or short to ground.

    I can clear all the faults but they all return when it re-occurs. All faults appear to relate to the vacuum solenoid.
    What controls the vacuum solenoid on the inner wing?
    Any one else had these faults if so how did you fix it?

    Googling the faults either seem to suggest a faulty engine cu or a 109 relay issue?

    Any help appreciated as it’s driving me mad now!

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