Is there an Audi forum that's anyway near as good as this one?

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    Seeing as my 2010 FR 2.0TSI DSG was wrote off thanks to a dozy wagon driving quickly through a STOP sign, I now only have one SEAT in the household. (The wifes Mk3 1.2TSI Reference)

    Thanks to this forum, I had a Dash camera fitted that settled the argument of who was at fault within 20 mins.
    (Also thanks to this forum, I spent lots of money on other less useful stuff for my car :)

    Anyway, as of next Tuesday I will be taking possesion of a 2015 A4 Avant 2.0TDI S Line B8 facelift.

    I couldn't find a replacement Mk2 facelift FR petrol, or even a diesel Auto, in fact any other post facelift FR, nor even a Mk3 FR petrol, and any (very few) Cupras were manual and outside my price range or too old.....

    So the requirement was, a German panzer (VAG, BMW or Merc) with leather, Nav, and as many toys as I could muster. I did eventually plump for a manual which may turn out to be a mistake, we will see, however the car was "the one" otherwise, after a 2 week search.

    So, anyone know of the Audi equivalent of here? I will still check in every so often, good place this!


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