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Leon Cupra 280 Coilover problems

Discussion in 'Ask for help with your car and FAQs' started by Graxxel, Jan 1, 2019.

  1. Graxxel

    Graxxel Full Member

    Jan 1, 2019
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    Hey guys I wonder if anyone has dealt with this problem I have...

    I have just fitted new coilovers suspension on my 2014 leon Cupra 280. The install went well besides accidently letting the wishbone full and thus ripping out the wires from the front left ABS sensor... Besides this everything went great. BUT... As we all know this Car has the electronic suspension struts which have now been disconnected as the new coilovers do not have electronic function.

    I expected to get a warning light regarding the suspension system being unplugged which I was going to deal with abit later on... however.....

    Once the coilover install was done, I started the car and had far more problems that I expected, here's the list..

    ABS warning light
    Traction Control light
    Steering system warning light
    Tyre pressure system not functioning
    Parking sensor button is flashing and sensors no longer work.

    also on the multi media system it says something about headlight Range adjustment failure?? or something close to that??

    The steering has gone far stiffer than normal and is abit juddery at very low speeds.

    Any ideas what the hell has happened?? car worked absolutely fine just 6 hours ago :(... besides unplugging the strut connectors and that one broken ABS wire, I've touched nothing else electrical.

    Any help is appreciated! thanks for reading
  2. Damo H

    Damo H That Carbon snob down the street...

    Oct 3, 2012
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    The abs sensor will be used for traction control and the tyre pressure monitoring, so ripping that out explains that little lot.

    The headlight range will no doubt be due to the rear sensor that determines how low the car is. If you’ve got it slammed on coil overs the rear angel sensor will no doubt think the sensor is broken. Not sure if that’s a calibration thing or if you need to bend the bracket. The downside of having a car with only one sensor for the headlight range. (BMW/MINI have 2 for the range, front and rear to determine the angle of the car properly)

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