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Leon FR Supercopa - glow plug light

Discussion in 'Ask for help with your car and FAQs' started by Smiffygirl, Jul 29, 2019.

  1. Smiffygirl

    Jul 29, 2019
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    Hi guys!
    New to this site... Need a little advice please.

    First of all, I know that the glow plug flashing light means your DPF needs a re-gen (I’ve had a few cars with this). However, I’ve now done FOUR re-gens and all seems fine until I re-start a couple of days later and the light is back and the car in limp mode!

    I have a 2012 Leon FR Supercopa.
    I regularly regenerate it (every few weeks) by driving on the motorway at 3500 for 15-20 mins. I did this as usual on Friday (no light was on). The light came on flashing on Saturday night and immediately put me in limp mode. I put in some DPF cleaner (diesel was already full) and took to the motorway, restarted my engine to take off the light and out of limp mode. I did 23 mins @ 80mph / 3500. Came off motorway to head back and as soon as it dropped to 2000rmp the light came on again and limp mode returned.
    I repeated the process, this time for 30 mins. All was fine and it’s driven ok since. I drove home from Liverpool today and repeated the process, just in case (baring in mind this has never repeated after a regen).

    I jumped in my motor from my driveway this evening with the light on and limp mode, AGAIN
    This time my AC has stopped working too! Switched engine off and on again and light has gone off and AC works.

    Someone please help me! I can’t deal with this BS! Lol.


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