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Discussion in 'Mk3 Leon Guides (5F) 2012-2020' started by Deleted member 103408, Mar 2, 2019.

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  1. Links to helpful bits of info on this and other sites

    Battery Types and what they mean https://forums.seatcupra.net/index.php?threads/battery-completely-dead.439948/#post-4737776 and how to code a new one http://forum.obdeleven.com/thread/2041/battery-replacement

    How to upgrade you boot struts so the boot opens with button push https://forums.seatcupra.net/index.php?threads/boot-gas-struts.439497/page-6#post-4775225

    How to upgrade your bonnet with gas struts https://forums.seatcupra.net/index.php?threads/boot-gas-struts.439497/page-6#post-4775225

    Centre Consol Removal instructions https://forums.seatcupra.net/index.php?threads/middle-console-remove.438664/#post-4727519
    My personal write up https://forums.seatcupra.net/index....in-control-panel-removal.449954/#post-4836739

    How to hardwire a dashcam https://forums.seatcupra.net/index.php?threads/diy-hardwire-dashcam-installation.415052/

    Engine Fan keeps running after engine off - Yes its supposed to https://forums.seatcupra.net/index....ne-fans-on-after-journey.446988/#post-4802690

    How to remove the front bumper - https://forums.seatcupra.net/index....ont-bumper-removal-guide.430190/#post-4659028

    How to remove rear bumper https://forums.seatcupra.net/index.php?threads/cupra-280-2014-rear-bumper-removal.444362/

    How to remove the Seat Badge https://forums.seatcupra.net/index....seat-badge-removal.434602/page-2#post-4837983

    Where can i find the Fuse box layout https://fuse-box.info/seat/seat-leon-mk3-5f-2013-2018-fuses

    What happens when you have Component protection removed https://forums.seatcupra.net/index.php?threads/navigation-system-updates.388586/page-58#post-4795777

    Heater Matrix change https://forums.seatcupra.net/index.php?threads/aircon-and-heater-doesnt-work.432793/

    Interior trims removal Guides - https://forums.seatcupra.net/index.php?threads/diy-5f-interior-trims-removal-guide.417747/

    LED Bulb replacement guide - https://forums.seatcupra.net/index....tive-led-bulb-replacement-parts-guide.395255/

    Map Updates - https://forums.seatcupra.net/index.php?threads/navigation-system-updates.388586/

    Offline car manuals (PDF) http://www.seat.com/owners/your-seat/manuals-offline.html for all Seat Cars

    Points of Interest / Speed Camera https://forums.seatcupra.net/index....f-woe-vw-pulled-the-update-site-again.444799/

    Pollen Filter (cars with Tech Pac) - https://forums.seatcupra.net/index....-pollen-filter-on-leon-with-tech-pack.412782/

    How do i find Radio code https://forums.seatcupra.net/index.php?threads/radio-code.440169/

    How to fit a strut brace https://forums.seatcupra.net/index....ut-removing-scuttle-tray.453957/#post-4866063

    Snow Grate removal and other stock airbox mods http://www.mygolfmk7.com/2018/09/stock-airbox-modification/

    Wheel Fitment Info https://forums.seatcupra.net/index.php?threads/wheel-guide.275166/

    Where do i look to see if there are any recalls on my car https://www.dft.gov.uk/vosa/apps/recalls/default.asp?tx=

    How to Soundproof your Doors https://forums.seatcupra.net/index.php?threads/how-to-soundproof-your-doors-mk3.446900/#post-4801993

    How to remove Soundtrakor physically not with code https://forums.seatcupra.net/index.php?threads/soundaktor-disconnected-bliss.446272/#post-4794226

    Steering Wheel Removal https://forums.seatcupra.net/index....wheel-removal-swap-guide.444396/#post-4777872

    Rear wiper removal guide - https://forums.seatcupra.net/index.php?threads/rear-wiper-removal-guide.406421/

    Wing Mirror Cover Removal - https://forums.seatcupra.net/index.php?threads/removing-the-wing-mirror-cap.408610/

    Wing Mirror Indicator Bulb upgrade/replacement https://forums.seatcupra.net/index....in-wingmirrors-cupra-280.449868/#post-4835967

    Workshop Manuals - https://forums.seatcupra.net/index.php?threads/leon-mk3-official-seat-workshop-manuals-link.442353/

    MK1 & 2 Workshop Manuals https://workshop-manuals.com/seat/ afraid there are calls for donations but other than that helpful.
    Wheel size - what do all the numbers mean https://forums.seatcupra.net/index.php?threads/wheel-size.444667/

    Towbar coding https://forums.seatcupra.net/index....n-from-odis-to-obdeleven.445458/#post-4788274

    Thanks to all the members who did the hard work putting these guides together.

    If you manage (as i did) to break your locking wheel nut give these guys a try https://www.lockingwheelnutkeys.co.uk/ they do offer next day delivery (not cheap) but just from a photo of the wheel and proof of ownership they got me a replacement key out.

    Retrofitting stuff - check out this link http://forum.obdeleven.com/thread/3238/retrofitting

    Cupra Mode after engine turned off https://forums.seatcupra.net/index.php?threads/cupra-mode.453649/#post-4863849

    VCDS https://forums.seatcupra.net/index.php?threads/vcds-how-to-guides-mk3-leon-5f.393714/

    OBD11 https://forums.seatcupra.net/index.php?threads/obdeleven-modifications.432976/

    OBD11 Info page https://forums.seatcupra.net/index.php?threads/obd11-how-to-section.447624/

    Seat Option Codes (as shown on the sticker by the spare wheel) http://vag-codes.info/vag-option-codes

    Paint Code - where do you find it http://www.avrmobiles.co.uk/acatalog/seat-paint-colour-codes.html

    Part Number Finder / Component Pictures http://www.oemepc.com/seat/, select the model you have and then the year and then select the part of the car you are after.

    Do you have to notifiy the DVLA if you wrap the car https://forums.seatcupra.net/index.php?threads/had-the-cupra-wrapped.446214/page-2#post-4793973

    transfer your number plate from one car to another - not just private plates https://forums.seatcupra.net/index....ersonalised-original-plate-to-new-car.447057/
    #1 Deleted member 103408, Mar 2, 2019
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  2. jacko5

    jacko5 Active Member

    Jan 10, 2017
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    Very useful, thanks.
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