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Lowering the MK1

Discussion in 'Ibiza Mk1' started by SofaGeeza, Jul 12, 2008.

  1. SofaGeeza

    SofaGeeza *I'M FEMALE!!!!*

    Nov 4, 2007
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    Asking on behalf of my hubby.

    He owns a Mk1 which he has taken on as a project car. He wants to lower it, but the rear of the car is fitted with Transverse Leaf Spring Suspension.
    Has anyone had any experiance with this or achieved this and if so, does anyone know where he can find any kind of guide e.t.c.

    Any help apprieciated many thanks
  2. Ad-mk2Ibiza

    Ad-mk2Ibiza Active Member

    Jun 1, 2008
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    this section is dead really shame i woulda liked to see some nice mk1s

    anyway i think your best bet would be to find out what other cars have this suspension and ask on one of them forums
  3. B.Different

    B.Different Guest

    You can lower them in the same way as the mk1 escorts with blocks. Im tring to fit coilovers to mine with a uno set up but you would need to have a spacer on the wheels because of the springs are that close to the tire. If you go for the lowering blocks i would recomend using monroe shocks with spax springs this gave me a very good setup that suprised most cars. What Ibiza is it?
  4. Mk1 & Mighty

    Mk1 & Mighty Guest

    Cool, thanks, is there anywhere i can find some kinda guide for this or do you have any example photo's. The thread was started for me by my wife!

    Many Thanks
  5. B.Different

    B.Different Guest

    No guide out there for these car just trial n error. You can get the lowering kit from motorworld i think for about £120+VAT but that is just the springs n blocks. Im just doing a bear shell on mine and will let you know how i go on with the coilovers. If if works it will be inderpendent and sweet.
  6. adam.bernau

    adam.bernau Guest

    What year is your MK1?
    A fellow-SEAT just bought for his girl MK1 1.7 sport 100bhp!
    There few photos.
    click on whatever picture for next image click "dalsi" ;-)

    front: suspension MONROE - springs H&R -40
    rear: suspension SASCH
    exhaust: SS
    wheels: BORBET T 195/45/15
  7. Loving the sportline I used to have one, quick little cars, buggar for parts, and not quite as powerful as you would expect from a 1.7 considering the 1.5 SXi had 105 BHP, but damn they shift, had some good times in my old sportline! and Id certainly sell my cordoba for another mint SXi or sportline! or embarrassingly enough a cabrio mk1 cause they look awesome!

    As for the lowering, Ive only ever found springs for them, I know you can block the back suspension, I think theres also away of lowering it buy either taking away one springfrom the leaf spring suspension on the back, not sure how this would help handling wise, seen it done on some yank cars, might be worth a look?
    #7 Psychotron2000, Sep 8, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 8, 2008
  8. iain1970

    iain1970 I ♥ TDI

    Apr 19, 2005
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    Years ago, there was a guy in the US that rallied a Yugo 65A. He fitted a glassfibre rear leaf spring. Bearing in mind the two cars are not dissimilar in layout, maybe that could be a way forward.

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