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Mapping a 2.0 GTi

Discussion in 'Normally Aspirated Forum' started by Mat, May 28, 2008.

  1. Mat

    Mat Guest

    Right, a lass at work has a Golf GTi 2.0 N/A

    She asked me if it's worth remapping to which I said no, and she'd be lucky to gain 10bhp.

    She reckons her mate (who has a Mk FR TDi) has told her it'll easily get to 150bhp and better MPG.

    I text T. Spark to double check, and he said same as me. Lucky to gain 10bhp from a 2.0l 8v

    She then text her mate, who has had a word with his mate who does it, and claims "because he writes it himself, he'll get 150bhp"

    I've told her it's not worth it, and he's bound to say this, just to take her money.

    I hate it when people ask for opinions and then ignore you. She did this last time with her 206, and with a question about rear breaks. Told her she hasn't got rear breaks as she has drums. Her reply, "AJ said I have". To which I said technically yes, it's your handbrake, and when you press footbrake, about 5% goes to rear drum for balancing.

    Anyway, can anyone confirm that a remap on a 2.0l Golf GTi (99 reg) wont be worth while?

  2. pj1985

    pj1985 1.8T Power

    Oct 31, 2006
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    Alot of money for only a little extra power. Think the 1.8 8v has 115bhp as standard and I would v.much doubt she would get 35bhp from a remap. A friend of mine with cams, head and map got 150bhp so I would say getting it from just a map would not be possible.
  3. Fl@pper

    Fl@pper Back older greyer and less oilier but always hope

    Jun 19, 2001
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    you sure he and she and you know what engine it is firstly ??

    tell her to ask the guy if he'll refund in full if a rolling road doesnt prove his claims ?
  4. Mat

    Mat Guest


    yeah, all confirmed it's a 2.0. told her that N/A engines aren't worth mapping (not for the tiny gains)

    Even gave her JBS's number if she doesn't believe me!
  5. jenk

    Feb 20, 2005
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    If its a similar lump to the 8v in the mk2 ibiza then it should be making around the 125bhp mark, standard. Cant see much gain but the drivability maybe improved. Bloke called Jason (jcs356) on here has his white prefacelift mk2 ibiza gti chipped.
    #5 jenk, May 28, 2008
    Last edited: May 28, 2008

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