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Mib2 Map Updates 2020 (November 2019 release)

Discussion in 'Ateca' started by Tell, Nov 10, 2019.

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    Ok I'm keeping the old year titling on this, so let's not get confused.

    The Mib2 High / Seat Plus ones have been released 184, June 2019 release 177. Formerly called the 2020 release - November 2019 release (184):


    For Plus / High users with Mapcare (no UK cars) or for those running retrofit software only.

    No good for standard users - you got to wait as per normal a few more weeks.

    Thanks to the German Skoda board eagle eyes - I had been testing out the range of codes in the last period but it hasn't been there till today. I'll load it on my unit running retrofit software in the week.

    It's a common release across Seat, Skoda, Audi and VW.... & probably Bentleys for people with the high end Mib2 units which runs Here Maps cartography.

    Note all that we say about the use of Macs on these downloads.

    (those UK Seat Ateca Cupra owners with the Plus unit have got to get your firmware changed to retrofit unless the interim short term Mapcare can handle it... cue agonising questions :))

    I'll add the standard ones when they come out. 1310 is the June 2019 release so the November release will be above that when it arrives.

    For mib2 high users outside Europe the Rest of the World ECE 2020 ones are contained in this Russian board link:


    Which is


    Also for MAC users the recommended VAG software to clear the rubbish from a MAC unzip of the download map file is the free utility CleanMyDrive 2 whilst for a PC 7zip. From the October 2019 VAG pdf notes:


    If the map update is performed using the Apple® OS X operating system you may find that
    Discover Media does not recognise the map material or displays it incorrectly. This is due to
    a lack of compatibility between the “7 zip” program and the OS-X operating system. In
    addition, the OS-X operating system has a tendency to create hidden additional files on
    external data media. We therefore recommend that OS X users use the “Keka” unzipping
    program. We also recommend using the “CleanMyDrive” program to remove any hidden files.

    SD card of 32GB formatted to FAT32 should also be used where you can update Mib2 High units.

    Detailed technical stuff is on this thread:


    Those inclined to improve Mib2 High (Plus) cartography can get involved by adding or correcting missing details:


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