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MK2 Leon 1.4tsi k1 Exhaust

Discussion in 'Leon Mk2' started by Cam915, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. Cam915

    Cam915 New Member

    Sep 5, 2017
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    Hello. I have a 1.4tsi mk2 leon and im after an exhaust. I dont want to get a custom one as they tend to cost too much and I kinda want to fit it myself. The problem im having is finding an exhaust that will fit, this id due to my car having the k1 style center exhaust. can I put a k1 exhaust on it and then use size adapters? or does anyone know where I can find an exhaust that fits?

    Image of my cars exhaust position: https://ibb.co/gEBs3S

  2. Rusty2k

    Rusty2k Full Member

    May 12, 2013
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    It looks like that's the optional centre exit back box that was available on the facelift cars as a dealer fitted accessory.

    It would be a good idea to get under the car and have a look at exactly what's there as it might be a K1 back box anyway.

    Bad news in that case is that back box is expensive to replace new from SEAT.

    This is the page from the accessory brochure. The prices are a few years old now and have probably gone up since.

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