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Mrk 3 seat leon fr 1.8t

Discussion in 'Leon Mk3' started by matthew gittens, Aug 10, 2018 at 6:07 PM.

  1. matthew gittens

    matthew gittens New Member

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    Hi all new to the site so excuse any wrong doin I have a seat leon fr 1.8t every time I rev over 3000 rpm my epc light comes on and my car goes into a limp mode which I can drive on but I just really want to fix this issue seems like I e only got half a car I’m getting the code u112300 and nobody can tell me wht this is I have had it at the dealers and thy just basically said we do t know wht it is I’ve had all 8 injectors changed all 4 coil packs and still the same I’m now goin to get the car checked for Ecu issues and c if it’s been remapped previously if anyone can help or has some knowledge on the issue I would gratefully appreciate it thks
  2. theoldboy

    theoldboy Cupra 280 with attitude

    Dec 24, 2015
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