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my mark 1

Discussion in 'Ibiza Mk1' started by dezmondsmk1, Apr 10, 2011.

  1. dezmondsmk1

    dezmondsmk1 Guest

    alright guys, anyone know where i would find parts for a 1.5sxi system porsche mk1 ibiza?
    message me for pics!
  2. UnIbizable

    UnIbizable Guest

    Alright Dez,

    A bit of background on the Mk1, practically the same chassis as a Fiat Strada (top model was a 2.0 twin cam on twin 40's, same engine as the Lancia delta Integrale (different rear end on this chassis as it was a 4x4) and Fiat coupe 16v turbo)) one of my future plans.

    Parts are like chickens teeth, Auction sites are definitely worth looking at, I'll list some mods I've done or am doing...

    Front wishbones, get new ones from an auction site, dont pay more than £25ish for 2, make sure you get the right size for the tie bar 19mm I think (measure it!) then buy a set of Fiat Strada front wishbone bushes, these are the ones that mount the wishbone to the chassis, gotta cut or press the originals out first.

    Rear wishbones, well this is something I am working on at the moment, looks like all of the bushes are the same and there is no listing from Powerflex for the Ibiza or Strada so customs/universals is the way to go, I think I have found the ones, I'll update this post when I get them. Superflex could make customs which I may look into.

    Suspension, you can get a cheapish kit, Gmax do one for about £260 with front springs 30mm drop, Koni supply shocks all round and you can get your originals rebuilt. other spring options are Jamex, they also did a full kit which is the one I have on mine but changed springs for Spax, the Jamex kit also came with lowering blocks for the rear, got to be careful with lowering the rear end due to the brake compensating valve, look at brakes below, Gaz suspension I think will make up a set of coilovers from an original set of shcoks by rebuilding them and threading the bodies but you would have to call them for a price, if you do this seriously think about bracing the back end when you remove the rear leaf spring.

    Induction, I'm running a Green cotton induction kit, this is angled to curve around the fuel rail and sit in the dip of the inlet manifold, you can just get a universal one and re-route the pipework to where you want it, after all theres loads of room under there (take the spacesaver out from under the bonnet).

    Exhaust, I working on this at the mo too, the original was a 4-2-1 but where it goes into one its 4-2-box-1 to a centre to a back box, I've changed the downpipe already to that from a carb model which does away with the first box and looks totally standard so currently goes 4-very long 2-mid box-rear box, I have been running a Remus back box for a while now (although the car has been garaged for years and the back box has only seen around 300 miles) I have recently aquired an ANSA race manifold, downpipe and mid section which I have wrapped in glass fibre exhaust wrap. Supersprint also did back boxes a few years ago, may still be able to get them, universals could also be the way to go, I also saw a porsche boxer exhaust modified and fitted under the standard bumper with a centre exit.

    Brakes, a few solutions with this, the front end is quite adequate as you can lock the front up very easy even with everything set up properly as it has drums on the back, I originally replaced the drums and shoes and cylinders with EBC equivelant but this made no difference, even with Goodridge braided lines, now I'm in the middle of a conversion, I have a brand new pair of Fiat Uno Turbo 1.4ie rear calipers, EBC pads & EBC discs, pads & discs relatively cheap @ £12 for blackstuff pads & £25 std EBC discs, calipers I pulled off an Uno Turbo I bought from an auction site, you also need Uno Turbo rear bearings & hubs as these have a larger offset to compensate for the discs and calipers, if you do go down this route, you also need the mounting brackets from an Uno or if you get really stuck then I may be able to provide them as I could get them made up, also the calipers have to be mounted upside down to enable the handbrake cable to be mounted correctly, again more details to follow or upon request. Front end you can go down a couple of routes, theres the Lanci Delta intergrale 284mm discs & calipers same as the Fiat Coupe 16v turbo, I'm going down the route of the Fiat Coupe 20v turbo with Brembo 4 pot's & 305mm diameter 28mm thick discs, mocking up a bracket to mount the caliper at the mo, again, if it's a route anyone would like to go down I may be able to provide brackets if I get them made up, with this kind of setup or even just doing the rear conversion the master cylinder has to be uprated from the original 20.5mm to at least a 22mm (which I think you can get from a Mk1 Golf GTI 16v Bosch unit, I'll let you know when I get to that hurdle).

    Strut braces, Weichers do a strut brace for the front end only but they also do a roll cage which may well be worth getting if you go nuts with your car especially if you do the rear coilover conversion and a rear anti roll bar is a must unless you compensate by leaving the rear leaf in and an anti roll bar is again a custom job but again, I have some info on this.

    If you or anyone else has any interest I'll post more info, if theres enough interest then Mr Moderator please make it a sticky or add the info to the relevant area.
  3. dezmondsmk1

    dezmondsmk1 Guest


    Cheers for the comment back mate, you got facebook or anything with more pics of your car?
    im interested in the Rear Suspension rebuild as mines not in the best nick! also trying to source a distributer and fuel pump! i get funny looks over in my little island when i mention mk1 seat ibiza as its the only one so struggle with parts big time! currently have the 4,2,1 exhaust system going straight down to a magnex race use back box, really good tune off of it, have this coming out on a side exit but really looks the part! also, know of anywhere to find a body kit or similar? whats best to do just to lower the front end? im standing rather proug!

    hope to hear back mate!
  4. Big-Pete

    Big-Pete Always on the Limit

    Aug 8, 2010
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    i want one of these little things! to stick a 1.8t in does anyone know where i can get hold of one as there never seems to be one for sale ANYWHERE!!!
  5. Seatmann

    Seatmann Rough around the edges

    Sep 16, 2010
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    Try a reliant kitten, galvanised chassis, fibreglass shell and no weight.:D
    #5 Seatmann, Jul 20, 2011
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2011
  6. UnIbizable

    UnIbizable Guest

    I may have a couple of parts in the garage, I've uprated the fuel pumpon mine to a Sytec one £90 or thereabouts so my original Bosch unit is doing nothing, replaced the filter while I was at it, got it from an auction site for about £8, bought 20bar rubber fuel line to replace the entire lot from the tank to the bay and back but not yet fittedthat only cost me around £35 but then you have the Mikalor clamps & rubber lined P clips or other retaining solution to worry about.
    Has the pump packed up or is it just noisey? mine was noisey for about 20,000 miles but ran fine, I just wanted a higher throughput and pressure.

    Springs, again I have a brand new pair of Jamex springs for the front from the kit I have as I'm using Spax springs which are sitting in my garage or you can still get Spax, Gmax, H&R Eibach ranging from £50 - £130, not all of these come with the lowering blocks sa may be worth checking but if you can get a block of steel and can cut & drill I can send pics of how to do it and dimensions.
    Rear end I'm looking into a coilover solution, strut brace and anti roll bar, they used a setup similar on the Fiat Ritmo/Strada Group N I think.
    You cant go too low on the rear without some modifications doing on the brake bias valve, spacing out the wheels and sorting out the bushes, I managed to get some of the rear bushes for the strut tops, leaf spring mounts which are on the wishbones and the centre one between the chassis and spring.
    You may be able to find the front top mounts and bearings on ebay.
    The distributor is a Bosch unit, you may be able to take it to a Bosch specialist for a rebuild or exchange, the other route is replacing the entire ignition and/or fuelling system, Next on my agenda is the Megasquirt ECU fuel & ignition management unless I manage to get hold of a Fiat Coupe 16v turbo in which case an engine transplant may be in order (190+ bhp & 155mph limited top speed standard 0-60 approx 6.5 secs)
    A bodykit would be a custom job, I have looked for years and found nothing unless you go for the facelift 91-93 bumpers, arches & side skirts but they are not that big just a little sporty.
  7. dezmondsmk1

    dezmondsmk1 Guest

    Oh awesome, nah fuel pump was noisy for 200miles then packed!. trying to get hold of a new one, even standard, also a Debadged front grill! Ordered the Spax springs for the front today mate so should be seeing these fairly soon! Got this car as my first and was driving it on L plates, very nice quick car!...when it goes! need a Exhaust heat sheild too, temp getting too high and the rad pipes are too close so therefore pumping hot water around! also are there any non standard rear lights you can get? many thanks mate!
  8. UnIbizable

    UnIbizable Guest

    Hi Dez,
    Yeah you can use the rear lights from a phase 2, the one from 91-93 from the base model up including the sportline, they are smoothed and are red and semi black,thry also have the rear hatch panel which also mounts the numberplate in the hatch and not on the bumper, you could also change the bodykit to that of the newer, you would lose the door panels though unless you are good with painting up parts of the original, also the skirts are totally different, the earlier are angular and the kit comes halfway up the door, the phase 2 have newer style where the doors are exposed, the skirts are rounder ant the arch extensions are slim and dont come up the wing s like the phase one does, the phase 2 also has its front indicator mounted in the wings like all the cars of the later 90's, yours, like mine is similar to the golf mk1 & 2 which are mounted in the bumper, was thinking maybe the crystal style for the mk1 & 2 ould look good but measuring would be in order to ensure a factory fit look.
    I remember reading Max power or something like that a few years ago and someone welded some curved plates. To the inside s of the headlight aperture so they could mount mk4 golf headlights to it therfore removing the indicators from the front bumpers, they mounted air intakes there instead either feeding the front brakes or the induction kit.
    By the way, if you havnt or dont want to fit an induction kit K&N and Green do panel filters for it or Green do an induction kit which is whats on mine, sounds even louder, also Sytec do a power boost valve, aka fuel pressure regulator which is adjustable and you can fit a guage to it to monitor it which then goes onto engine tuning which I'll save for another night.
    Adios Amigos!
  9. dezmondsmk1

    dezmondsmk1 Guest

    Unibizable...anywhere else i can contact you mate? need a chat, having a few issues, let me know cheers
  10. Pervy_Paul

    Pervy_Paul Active Member

    Oct 22, 2010
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    Do either of you know of anywhere that might have a SXI boot spoiler for sale? Been trying to get hold of 1 for 18months now!
  11. UnIbizable

    UnIbizable Guest

    Long time no see

    Hi folks, not been on here for quite some time, not really much to update on my MK1 as funds and time have been somewhat scarce, Pervy Paul haven't you put punto coilovers on the front of yours? I'm sure I saw your car on RetroRides and having a full vinyl wrap with Pirelli P slots? If it was yours do you have any info on those coilovers and the mods you had to do to make them fit?
    DesmondMk1 hows your car getting on?
    I did a search on howmanyleft for MK1 SXI's and apparently there are only 9 left which are registered in the U.K inclusing SORN.

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