My Seat Leon 1.6tdi Se Copa DSG review

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    Hi All

    This is my review of my brand new Leon 1.6tdi se copa with the DSG gearbox.

    Got my car on the 23rd March so have had it for a couple of weeks and thought l'll let you all know whats it like.!

    First thing l am glad l brought it in Navada white. The car look beautiful in white but a buger to keep clean. Was going to get it in track grey but changed my mind at the last minute. Not seen many white Leons so it's nice to stand out. If your buying a leon make sure you see one in white.! The copa car are good as you get a lot a kit for free, that was one of the reasons l went for this modle.

    The other thing l was worried about and read a lot about was how big the A pilers were and the blind spot. Yes they take a bit of getting used to but l have hand no problem when coming to junctions with the blind spot.

    1) The Engine :- The 1.6tdi engine is great, pulls well and doesen't feel under powered. Been on the motaway fully loaded with 2 adults and 3 kids and a full boot with no problem. Stick it in S on the DSG gearbox and it goes at the lights. Economy wish not good averaging 38mpg at the moment but that's to work and back 9 miels return journey in traffic, but the dealer did say it will get better. Saying that on the motaway a return journey of 300 miles doing 70 - 75 mph got 54mpg avg.

    2)DSG gearbox :- One word love it, first time with a DSG (last 3 cars were a normal auto) very smooth not gerky at all good pick up and kick down. Stick it in Sport and it revs upto the red line.! Very good gearbox.

    3)Seat Media 2.2 :- First the dab radio love it clear sound no problems with any of the channels or loss of reception. Next got a 8g SD card in the card slot with 500 songs on it in folders love the way you can select with folder you want to listen too. Will never need to carry aroung loads of CD's any more. With 8 speakers in the car the music is great.
    THE PHONE :- Not good.! When first got the car connected my iphone no problem worked great. Could voice dial with the controls on the wheel, got all my phone book loaded and could make/recieve calls clearly. Then it stopped working could hear the caller but they could not hear me, and the voice dialing stopped working.!! Takeing the car back to the dealer this friday to sort it out. Not happy this should not happen after just two weeks.!
    SAT NAV :- When l first got the car used it local just seeing how it work. Going to work, coming home and thought not very good as it was takeing me the wrong way.! But when l went on the motaway to a town l didn't know it got me there with no problem. Clear directions upto the door. Yes it's not as good as a tomtom but having a dual display on the 5in screen and in the MDF is brill and it works. Talking about the MDF like the compass display when not using the sat nav and they way it shows which street your on.!

    Other things l love is the way you can fold the side mirror, and close the windows with the remote. A few times l've jumped out of the car and left the windows open anit;s saved me getting back in to close them. Was suprise when at night could see a red glow on the gearbox, then realised the two red lights under the rear mirror very nice touch.!
    I have got parking sencers on the back as standard and l am glad the car came with them. The back window is not that big so the sencers are a must. Any one buy a Leon l would recomend back parking sencers a must.! (would be nice if they gave you front ones as well)

    4)Auto lights/Wipers :- It's nice to have auto lights but they are a bit too sensitive, been driving when it's been clouding but still light and the lights have been on, you can overide them but l leave them in auto. Also got cornering lights, the fog lights come on when turning. Thought at first this was just a stupied, but at night it does light up the corner a bit more and helps you to see the kerb better. Auto wipers was not to sure about these but when l was on the motaway they worked great. Stick them in auto and just leave them to do there work. Driving in and out of heavy/light rain they did work well changing their speed. When it stopped rain l left it on auto and as soon as it started raining they jumped back to work.

    All in all l love my Leon this is the first time l have brought one and it won't be the last time. The only bad thing is the phone not working but hopefully the dealer will fix that problem.!

    Hope you like my review sorry it been a long one, and if l have missed anything out that you want to know about please let me know.

    Here's to many miles off happy motoring.!
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    That's a great review, thanks for taking the time to write it.

    I have ordered the same car but with a manual box. It's in Furia Grey with the optional 17" alloys. Hopefully it will be here the end of May, but more likely it will be June.

    Interestingly, on that note, how long did it take you to get yours from ordering to delivery?

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    Re Hockey Guy

    I ordered my car way back on the 10th December 2011, originaly told delivery was 1st March 8 weeks waiting. Then 4 days before l was due to pick it up told me their was a problem in the factory with the DSG gearbox and delivery would be 26 April.! But got a phone call mid March to say the problems had been resolved and got my car on the 23 March.
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    Great review uncle gee and glad you're enjoying the new car. Get some pics up, would be great to see nevada white...
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    Nice review, glad you are generally happy with it.

    I am seriously considering a new Leon FR+ TDi in Speed Blue with Leather Interior, just need to save up a bit more for it!

    The issue with the iPhone sounds odd, let us know how you get on with it. This would be one of the features I would use most often so would be rather unimpressed if it didn't work properly. Which iPhone do you have?

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