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N112 - Secondary air etc

Discussion in 'Ibiza Mk3 (2000-2002)' started by Jonzy, Jul 12, 2006.

  1. Jonzy

    Jonzy Guest

    Does anyone know what the n112 valve actually controls?

    Also, is the sec air pump only used at start or is it used to control emissions at all times?
  2. David_smith_909

    May 2, 2006
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  3. Jonzy

    Jonzy Guest

    Yea ive read that, and to me it reads that its safe to get rid of in the same way as the n249.
  4. Jonzy

    Jonzy Guest

    Got rid of the n112 in the same way as the n249. Capped the 2nd actuator connection on the wg and capped the vac hose going to the funny looking metal can under the TIP. What the fook is it anyone know???

    Vac lines just goto the FPR and top of the DV now.

    N249 and N112 solenoids are still plugged in. Vagcom'd it and its thrown no error codes.... yet.

    Cold start tommorow should be fun :)

    Cant say its made any real world difference, but I hate all those messy vac lines :)
  5. Jonzy

    Jonzy Guest

    Put 200 miles on the car since doing it, as expected vagcom is showing a fault code relating to the SAI. Not too worried about it. Car starts fine, can hear the SAI pump going but soon cuts out. Done a fair bit of reading on vwvortex about the n112 and SAI, all seems good.

    No performance increase, car appears to be a hell of alot smooth part throttle - probably down to the very short vac line from DV > inlet manifold.

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