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newby engine build

Discussion in 'Turbo Forum' started by t16espace, Jan 4, 2018.

  1. t16espace

    t16espace Active Member

    Jan 4, 2018
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    i decided to come to the the dark side and go for it with my misis leon 1.8t fr 05 auq..after a flash and dash remap the car was lets say not the same and lost most compression so... i got a bam block with agu internals along with the agu big port head no vvt on this my auq engine did..im going to be using the fzq gearbox..i really just want to no how good this setup is spec as follows.. i have a brand new and rebalanced ftg k04 turbo 12psi,, adjustable actuator,, one off tubular manifold,, bam block aug inlet manifold,, agu head big port,, .. i have a resistor for the the n75 removal and the vvt removal on the loom but unsure if i need these after a remap also have auq ecu which is the original to the car and a bam ecu am i going wrong any wear or does this seem like an ok build..im new to this so please be gentle lol

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