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Discussion in 'Leon Mk2' started by wclark1238, Nov 21, 2017.

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    Ok, 57-plate Leon. Lovely car in almost every way. Just coming up to it's 10th birthday with just over 140k miles now. I've owned it for 7 years and put 70k miles on it. Very few issues to date.

    Now it has suddenly developed a major problem with the o/s rear door. It simply will not open at all. Neither from the inside or the outside. I am aware of an inherent issue with the VAG family of cars around this vintage surrounding the door lock modules - in fact I have changed 2 on this car (not the o/s rear one though). But this problem is showing different symptoms I think.

    I have seen issues where the door will not open from outside immediately after unlocking (until first opened from the inside). This one simply will not open......at all. I have verified that the cable from inside door handle to module is intact. Have even disconnected if from the handle in order to manually pull on it (in the hope that the handle wasn't quite providing sufficient movement on the module) but no luck.

    Now in the situation where it is impossible to open this door. I'm guessing that the module has failed big style such that the door just won't open at all. Imagine that this will constitute an MOT fail in January.

    Perhaps related. At the same time as this door gave up so the indicators stopped flashing upon unlock via key fob. When locked via fob the indicators flash but now there is no indication at unlocking....is this related?

    So, big question. Short of using an angle-grinder is there any other way that I can get this door open? Need to do that before I can replace the module which seems like the 'proper' fix.

    Any advice gratefully received.
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    afraid you.ll need to remove door card for access to lock, you should be able to open then with handle connections.....if you have child locks on might be harder....would suggest first though take out remote batteries and change...as this could be a problem too and easier to sort...that happened to mine....on replacing batteries all worked fine....good luck

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