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OBD11 For the Tarraco

Discussion in 'Tarraco' started by Deleted member 103408, Jul 14, 2019.

  1. @Tony Tonic you were asking about OBD11 for the Tarraco.

    Firstly the current OBD11 Dongle only supports Android.

    The do have a new dongle that ships in August (for those who pre ordered it) but until later in the year this will only work on apps not full coding.

    If you buy the Pro Licence and obd11 Dongle this enables you to follow other peoples coding to make changes to your car as well as apps, afraid i have a Leon so don't have a lot of information on your car.

    Check out this thread for HBA http://obdeleven.proboards.com/thread/6345/high-beam-assist

    If you download OBD11 And enter your vin number when you setup your account (this will cost you nothing) you will be shown all the apps that currently exist for your car, that does not mean they will work on your model as this is dependent on what hardware you have installed etc.

    If you advise the guys on this forum what you are after hopefully somebody can confirm if you can use OBD11 to do this.
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  2. Tony Tonic

    Tony Tonic Active Member

    Jan 30, 2019
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    Thanks for the info. I have the iOS app downloaded and no apps are listed for the car VIN in my garage.
    Probably best to wait a bit then. Or can I code it myself from the info in the thread? Or best wait for the new dongle for iOS ?
  3. As with carista as its not mainstream yet they have not got round to building apps. With VCDS and OBD11 you can code the solution if you have the righthardware and sensors plus coding. Afraid i dont know your car so cant confirm if the above coding works on all cars. Hopefully somebody else on here will be able to confirm.

    re ios at this stage you would not be able to do anything as it only works on apps till later in the year. i personally would wait and see what carista can do before buying another tool as you dont want to do a lot
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  4. Tell

    Tell Full Member

    Jun 27, 2004
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    I don't use the apps, better to use the programming option. The pro, 39-99 Euros.

    I'd buy yourself a cheap Android tablet if you don't want to buy an Android phone with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi with Android 4.1. I see people have got it working on those Amazon sponsored Fire tablets.


    Cheap tablet with the original dongle always worked out cheaper than buying VCDS for those that don't want to buy an Android phone or tablet who are iOS. Obviously a tablet has a bigger screen :). May not have a 4G option thou dependent on model.

    4g is useful if you can't ride off the back of someone's Fon if you have BT. Living in the sticks with a big drive have a plug and socket router in the upstairs office to illuminate the front with wifi these days. All of my best Obdeleven work was done on other peoples Fon since I'm a Fonerian;).... imported into the UK. Dont think you can buy one now. You have to have BT but being on Virgin in London wanted to catch a ride on the Fon network outside of people homes I'd park outside :). How Fon works by sharing your broadband.

    You need broadband via Wi-Fi or 4G. VCDS you need a laptop and broadband or / and a 4G dongle if no Wi-Fi. Costs are higher with the latter. Either way you need a connection to the car. Obdeleven is more portable.

    Look at the Ateca thread on mods.


    Tarraco is only a bigger Ateca / Tiguan. Nothing too special on variations in turning things on and off. I'd look for Kodiaq mods but Ateca ones will be good unless you want to play with the lighting units which will be unique. Allspace is ofcource the VW version. VW people may not be your ideal modders, Skoda Kodiaq more so.

    The build codes is the key to what you can do via a Vin lookup on the component modules. If you got lane assist you will be able to turn on traffic sign recognition. I wouldnt entertain changing any engine management things except stop start.

    The German Ateca forum have spread their wings to the Tarraco, worth having a look:


    The Spanish Tarraco site hasn't got off the starting blocks yet:


    Worth eyeballing this Kodiaq thread


    & of course the other thing in all of this is reading the health of the car's systems even if you aren't changing anything.
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