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Octavia Vrs to Toledo V5

Discussion in 'MK1 & MK2 Toledo' started by skinnylew, May 14, 2020.

  1. skinnylew

    skinnylew Active Member

    Mar 19, 2007
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    I'm back :wave:
    So about 10 years ago I had run my Toledo V5 into the ground, and after 134,000 miles the head gasket starter to go. I sold it on and it didn't stay alive much longer after that. I replaced it with a Skoda Octavia RS (an early vRS mk1 basically).
    That did me well for many years until i had a slight prang in it 5 years ago. I hit a tree backwards at about 20 mph. Don't ask.
    Fast forward to Christmas and my new car, Mondeo mk4 estate 2.5t needs rear suspension work.

    still with me??

    What should pop up relatively local and cheap as chips? Another Toledo V5 in the same colour but with the spoiler and original wheels. £350 later it's mine :D

    Thing is i still have the Octavia sitting out the front of my house (I also have about 10 other cars but that's a different issue.....)

    So what is worth stealing/stripping from the Octavia RS to fit to the Toledo?

    Wheels are being swapped.

    Interior in the V5 is vastly superior to the Octavia so thats a no (and was partly why i never bonded with it the same way i did with the Toledo)

    Brakes? Suspension? Central locking motors and other little electrical bits?

    I would say the arm rest but i installed the one from my old Toledo in the Octavia :roflmao:

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