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Passenger side mirror not folding

Discussion in 'Exeo & Exeo ST' started by GREEBO222, Dec 1, 2019.

  1. GREEBO222

    Dec 1, 2019
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    Had a quick searh in both Exeo and Ibiza MK5 forums but no luck,
    Some kind soul forced my passenger mirror in, which now when opperating the open/fold switch only works the drivers side, the passengers mirror moves a fraction and the motor can be heard working,
    Ive found out the mirror is removed by undoing a torx screw under the mirror, but what im wondering is where the folding mechanism is, does anyone know if there is a repair kit available and how to stip down the mirror unit to check what parts to replace ( assuming that parts can be found somewhere in the VAG group )

    Yes im going to buy a S/H unit from the web, but id rather try to repair the mirror unit than chuck it into the scrap bin

    Posted in Exeo and Ibiza MK5 forum as the mirrors are the same just wiring different

    Thanx in Advance ..

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