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Please Help!!! Turbo Boost problem!! Help me!!

Discussion in 'Toledo' started by toledotdi110bhp, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. Right I have a 1999 seat toledo 1.9tdi 110bhp Ahf. The problem is that the turbo is not boosting right. I discovered this when fitting a staright pipe and the tubo does not make the coo noise(turbo spool).

    I have replced the boost sensor(Map sensor), air flow metre (Maf sensor), I have checked the n75 and n18 valve using autocom cdp pro and the solenoids are working and ticking.

    But my problem still exists and when driving there is no pull on the car, i think i am in limp mode and it feels like the power is been cut when putting the shoe down. When i flick the ignition, power comes back, the car starts boosting and cooing but then cuts in a high gear when it seem's to get under pressure when its seem's to be boosting right?????

    I have checked the vacum lines but not extensively!

    Also when reving and holding the intercooler pipe it does not build pressure or swell in any way. so no boost coming through!

    Please tell me the answer?:cry::cry::cry:

    Could it be the actuator? Vanes? Turbo?? Ecu??

  2. F3rAL

    F3rAL Guest

    If you used search you would have found hundreds of problems like these with a lot of solutions.
    Not boosting going into limo mode, that means it is overboosting or underboosting when you start your car then it goes into limp mode. I am 99% sure that sticky vane are the problem you have 2 solutions.
    1 Get them cleaned or clean them your self.
    2 Buy new or re manufactured turbo and that will be it.

    When I bought my car (a month ago) I had one turbo die on my after 2 days of driving, another used one died after a week because of sticky vanes, it was boosting 2 BAR, got remanufactured one and everything is fine now. :)
  3. Cool! thanks very much for your info!! I will clean the turbo vains and see and i will let you know! if you have any for info please let me know!!
  4. F3rAL

    F3rAL Guest

    If and when you change/clean your turbo do not drive it like an old lady, but everything will get clogged up it no time, you need to give it some once or twice a week :) Since I replaced my one I drive it like I stole it everyday. :)
  5. Hey there! thanks again! I have the turbo out and the banes are stuck but i cant split the turbo to expose the vanes!! Its solid.

    I hit it, sprayed penetrant eveything bar heating!

    Can you Help!???
  6. F3rAL

    F3rAL Guest

    You can gooe or search here. Innotec or something like that, you can try to clean you turbo whole still on the engine, or you can try mr muscle method, but this is more risky one. Both of these methods are very short term. If you said you hit the turbo to split I hope you did not hit any aluminium because that is what your are not suppose to hit. When you spray penetrant you need to soak it and leave it for at least 12 hours. I think you will have to buy new turbo now, because some places do not accept px when they are disassembled or attemped to. Put the screws back together and try to clean it that way if it wont work do px for reman unit. Good luck.
    P. S. While trying to disassemble why of my turbos I broke it very easily so be careful
  7. F3rAL

    F3rAL Guest

    Where are you?
  8. Hey! Cheers I got it off. I used oxy cethlene to heat it and then take it off. def would have not came off otherwise.

    The vnt lever also had broke off inside and i had to weld it back on. I also cleaned and with a wire brush using a drill got rid of all the dirt. There wasnt actually much carbon, it was rust that caused the problem.

    Also when i had everything clean and put back on the vnt it was free, then when tightening the three torque screws two of the vnt levers would stick. I just took it all apart again and used the wire drill brush and i also had to use a stone on the end of the drill to machine and grind away high spots and rust.

    I had it dismantled it loads of times and kept sanding before i was satidfied. Now all i have to do is put the turbo back in tomorrow, i have it all assembled and its as free as can be!!

    Thanks for your help!! :funk::funk::funk::funk::funk::3rd:
  9. Everything worked! perfect! Car boosting right and great power!! Thanks!!!
  10. 2fast4u

    2fast4u Active Member

    Feb 7, 2015
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    How long did it work, was there any similar problems afterwards. Because i have the same problem right now and i am not sure if i should buy a new one or get that one cleaned.
  11. ahghafoor

    ahghafoor Active Member

    Feb 24, 2015
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    I used mr muscle to clean the turbo with good results. Def worth a shot

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