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price ... ?

Discussion in 'Ibiza Mk1' started by madmonkey, May 20, 2009.

  1. madmonkey

    madmonkey Guest


    i was just wondering if any of you knew how much i would be expecting to spend if i wanted a Seat Ibiza SXi, 1992.

    i want it to be in fairly good nick i was just wondering what you thought would be a good price for this kind of thing?

  2. s10mph

    s10mph VAG car nut

    Mar 1, 2008
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    I think you will have trouble finding a decent one. Whats wrong with a later model, much better bult car.
  3. Ronnie

    Ronnie Guest

    like trying to find a needle in a hay stack m8 lol
  4. John163

    John163 Guest

    Yes I agree and the spares also, I own a 1990 Seat Ibiza SXi which I have had from new and it is regulary serviced at the Seat main dealers in Crewe and some of the parts are getting very scarce indeed.

  5. UnIbizable

    UnIbizable Guest

    John163, do you still have your Ibiza?
    Could you add to my little register as Im trying to find out if there are actually only 7 left in the U.K, I am a 1990 SXI owner that would make 2 at the count so far.

    As for how much you are likely to pay for one, if there are only 7 left in the U.K then I guess it would be whatever the owner would want for it, I won't be selling mine as I've owned it for the last 14 years and had it garaged for the last 10 working on it when Ive had the time or money and also been modifying bits and peices on it, mine is definitely not original.

    Peace and regards.
  6. beezertart

    beezertart **MAYHEM**

    Sep 11, 2007
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    Jon and Unbizable, i bow down in your presence. I have covetted an sxi since new..friends mum had one showroom fresh back in 87, wanted one ever since....hens teeth spring to mind, many have had meetings with trees.....i do have a 1.2 system porsche facelift model though but i would die for an sxi.....info on them is so scarce though. trying to find a list of paint codes is like searching for the holy grail!

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