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Problem with my Toledo 1.8T - Warning lamp on dash

Discussion in 'MK1 & MK2 Toledo' started by Scuzi, Apr 25, 2007.

  1. Scuzi

    Scuzi Guest

    Last August during a warm spell, I noticed that one of my warning lamps had lit up on the dash. It was the far right, middle row lamp which the book describes as...

    "Diagnosis* / Excess of Pollution"
    This pilot light lights up when the ignition is switched on as a testing device and goes out after a few seconds.
    In case of failure due to excessive pollution it will start to flash.

    This stayed on for a while (didn't flash). Shortly after the ESP light came on and stayed on and after getting the AA out to look at it as I had a long drive ahead of me, it was established that the MAF sensor was faulty and needed replaced. I got this done under warranty at the time. This was fixed in September last year, just in the last week of the cars warranty.

    It's back on again.
    Now, the light isn't flashing and the ESP light hasn't came on yet, it's just staying on after the car is started just like before. Is it possible that the MAF has failed again or is there anything else that this would indicate? I was under the impression that the replacement MAF sensors had the issue fixed. What should I check? I unplugged the lead into the MAF, gave it a blow and put it back in but to no avail. Would resetting the ECU help any and if so is it a matter of disconnecting the battery for half an hour?

    Should the MAF be faulty, would it be covered under warranty since it was replaced 7 months ago, even though the car is out of warranty?

    Should it need looking at, can anyone recommend an independent VAG specialist around the Windsor, Berkshire area?

    Thanks for your help :)
  2. Timthebrief

    Timthebrief Barmy Army sleeper cell

    Apr 13, 2005
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    Suggest you do a search and find the threads. We've all had the mystery general "diagnosis/warning" light come on at some point or other.
  3. Scuzi

    Scuzi Guest

    I've just spotted that, thanks!

    It's the exact same chain of events as last time. I've just been out and started the car and the ESP light is now on. I've the car booked into Camberley SEAT on Friday for a disgnosis, and FINGERS CROSSED it's the MAF as it comes with a 2 year part warranty.

    I just hope to god it doesn't get too expensive :(

    So in short it could be a MAF, temperature sensor, O2 sensor, coilpack etc... D'oh.

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