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Random drivel - Wild tales on Film 4

Discussion in 'General Off Topic Chat' started by Husbandofstinky, Mar 3, 2017.

  1. Husbandofstinky

    Husbandofstinky Out from the Wilderness

    Nov 8, 2007
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    It was the usual evening after a crap day at work. Thumbing through the TV trying to find something decent to watch ignoring the box sets.

    Stumbled across 'Wild Things' on Film 4.

    Talk about a totally random film - five or six mini films with each one being a good yarn considering the time limit.

    I thought it was a cross between a Tarantino film and Tales of the Unexpected from the 80's.

    Rotten Tomatoes gave it a good review too


    I you like a Tarantino or random stuff then well worth a watch. Far from you average Hollywood special effects blockbuster crap.

    My fave has got to be the road rage episode or the demolition chap but all were pretty good

    Only other caveat to add that this is in Spanish (Argentinian) so subtitles.

    A good watch after a git of a day at work imo :)

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