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rear wing from lupo gti on arosa

Discussion in 'Arosa' started by davrosa, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. davrosa

    davrosa Guest

    i was wondering if the little wing off of the lupo gti would be able to fit on my 52 plate arosa as they are pretty much the same car, im new too modding and ive recently got my car. id like the wing but would it mean id loose the high mounted brake light? also where would i be able to get one for relatively cheap ? any comments would be appreciated :)

    oh and any tips for power gains that wont cost much? the 1.0 is abit sluggish but it may just need a clean.
  2. lunalupi

    lunalupi ...is not a bloke!

    Jul 29, 2006
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    Do you mean the spoiler above the rear window? Unfortunately spoilers from Lupo's don't fit the arosa as we have a wrap-around rear window where the Lupo has a cut out. But Aftermarket spoilers are often designed to fit both, and there are a few for the Arosa. Most allow you to keep the high brake light- they either fit round it, or move it into the spoiler.

    You'll never get much from a 1.0 although they are very capable if you accept the slower speed! But make sure it's kept well serviced, you can think about a replacement filter (like one from Greencotton - plus they are reusable if you clean them so won't need replacing).
  3. davrosa

    davrosa Guest

    ok mate cheers ! ill have a look around for a spoiler or if anyone has one for sale let me know :)

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