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Remote Central Locking - Range

Discussion in 'Altea - includes XL and Freetrack' started by BertChalmers, Nov 30, 2018.

  1. BertChalmers

    BertChalmers Active Member

    Nov 30, 2018
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    Morning Everyone,

    I'm new on here but I'm on my second XL. My First was a MY10 1.9tdi SE, but one night it didn't quite stop in time for a car in front and sadly got written off. Seeing how it was so perfect for me, my family and the random stuff (triathlons, 24hr kart races, car camping etc) I do I decided to buy another! a MY09 1.9tdi Reference.

    One issue I'm having is the remote central locking range is rubbish! to the point where I need to be standing buy the drivers or passenger door before it will unlock/lock.

    The Key has a fresh battery and I've gone through the re-programming protocol, I've scanned the car on Diagra and there are no fault codes (other than glow plugs which are getting changed this weekend).... anyone got any other suggestions?

    Thanks in advance
  2. klawit

    klawit ALTEA 1.4 TSI 4YOU (my2015)

    Oct 13, 2005
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    Hello BertChalmers,
    you obviously changed from a facelift model (MY10) to a pre-FL (MY09), where the comfort CU is separated from the onboard network ECU.
    I remember that I had to reconfigure my MY06 Altea's comfort CU, where you should find a programmed bit setting for "Remote control range limitation active". This bit has to be set off (i.e. "0") to disable the limitation.

    If you have a protocol of the scan and know the label of the comfort CU (like 46-1K0-959-433 14byte/19byte/23byte) and the current bits&bytes setting, I might have the chance to look up the exact position.

    If bought at a dealers, try to convince him to change it via VCDS (less error-prone).
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