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RNSE start screen - wont go back to Seat logo

Discussion in 'Exeo & Exeo ST FAQ's (8T)' started by M7R, Dec 15, 2016.

  1. M7R

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    Mar 27, 2008
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    I need a little help if possible, I have a 12MY Exeo sport tech which came with factory RNSE installed.

    I have VCDS as well, and was having a little play a while back, and I changed the start screen to the Lambo one. Now this has annoyed the wife... not a problem I thought, I will change it back.

    one small issue, I had got an update disc from ebay, a 2015 one with 7 digit post code (the one thing I really hate about the RNSE is the 5 digit post codes!). This now means that if I set the start screen back to the Audi / Seat one it keeps loading up as Audi MMI!

    I even went to the dealer and got the offical 2015 maps (£30 as the 2016 maps have been out for 6 months), and forced a down grade on the software via VCDS, so when I put back in the 2012 maps disc it re-loads the software, but this did not work, and neither did re-inserting the offical 2015 map as it still thinks it has an 8P part number disc installed.

    any one got any ideas? maybe get the 2016 maps and see if that forces the update to seat again??

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