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Rubbish Altea

Discussion in 'Altea - includes XL and Freetrack' started by Steve74, Jan 6, 2006.

  1. colin pirrie

    colin pirrie Guest

    Has anyone tried Town & County Seat in Perth????

    Got my leon serviced there, excellent, payed cheaper price than the dealer in Stirling.
  2. Steve74

    Steve74 Guest


    Was dues to pick my car up yesterday. Had to call numerous times and was told - we will call you later to let you know if you can pick up - no phone call back.

    Was on my way to pick up the car at the time previously arranged - 1 week after dropping it in.

    Just told "there is another water leak"!!!!! I asked them last Friday to double check after fixing the air-con tube (which was unattached) that there was not a leak from outside as when it rained it got wet - pretty simple logic eh?

    So last Friday they said it was all finished no leaks. Yesterday they discovered 2. One in the bulkhead (which I askked them to check 7 weeks ago on the first of 4 visits to the dealer FOR THIS LEAK!!) and another from the windscreen where they had replaced it to stop a leak!!! Funny thing is the new leaks were worse than the old!!!

    It's supposed to be ready today - what a joke! Told them everybody thinks they are "sh@t" at service including Seat who told me to take it elsewhere!!!
  3. Steve74

    Steve74 Guest

    Still finding more!

    The tech has now found more leaks in the Seat - from the bulkhead!!! Very scary!
  4. Colin

    Colin Full Member

    May 22, 2002
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    I would definately be pushing for a refund!!!!!!
  5. Steve74

    Steve74 Guest

    They told me I would have to go down the legal route if I wanted to do that!!! There is no way they are going to refund!:(
  6. Norway

    Norway Guest

    Not having done this myself I don't know the exact details, but going the legal route involves a visit to Small Claims Court, a £30 (or thereabout) fee and then the ball is rolling. They will then be contacted / summoned and should become more than a little nervous. BTW, have you documented your complaints? Can you give the court dates of when various complaints were made, the dealers response etc? If you have not then I'd start making notes now so that you can show documentation of phone calls, etc.
  7. Steve74

    Steve74 Guest

    It's really difficult rejecting a used car in Scotland. England is a bit easier duw to case law I've read!

    The car may have been fixed now! 9 days of work by one to three mechanics, loads of problems found:

    1. Air Con condensation drain - not attached
    2. Bulkhead not watertight - poor spot welds made sealer shear off
    3. Replaced windscreen by AC subcontractor to cure leak created new one
    4. Small hole in windscreen trim leaking
    5. Roof weld leaking!!

    8 weeks of work on this car, about 6 visits in total. Owned the car now for 3 1/2 months!!!!

    The dealer would not replace the car although I bought it as approved used with 5.5k miles. Came with no second key (took 8 weeks to arrive) wrong carpet mats (told even though they didnt fit and lay on the accelerator pedal that they were part of the deal). Creaking suspension, dash rattles, wind noise from top of doors... 4 times in for the water leak itself - two times came back soaking wet but told fixed, third time fully steamed up with water runnind down back window but told fixed!!

    Finally now fixed I believe but time will tell.

    Never, ever again will I buy a car from AC or a Seat!!!! No offense to those who have had no problems but the service, quality of car and Seat UK attittude are all rubbish!!
  8. Fast_Eddie

    Fast_Eddie BMW 1series M please!

    May 16, 2004
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    Im sorry to say but I dont think anything will change SEAT'S attitude to the people that keep it alive( punters ). I am just about to book my car in for its 50000 mile service and I am dreading it. There are one or two faults that have been with the car for the last 2 years almost and I KNOW when I pick the car up after its service that they will still be there. Its an awfull feeling to be made to feel like a second class citizen by a group of people that are taking your hard earned. and thats the reason I am joining the ever increasing group of defectors!!!

    ALTEA DUDE 2.0 TDi Sport

    Sep 14, 2005
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    Interested to read your comments about your Altea. I have had mine a year this month and it just had its 1st service today. It is without a doubt the best car I've owned and apart from a few insignificant little problems it has been faultlessly reliable too.

    I hope you dont write off the Altea and SEAT because of this.

    The biggest problem I've ever had with mine? Surprise surprise, AC in Edinburgh! Ditched them 6 months ago and now use Morrisons in Stirling who are the dogs b*llocks :D

    If I could open a competent Edinburgh SEAT dealer I'd make a mint!
  10. Tell

    Tell Full Member

    Jun 27, 2004
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    Your piccie look nice as well Altea Dude, if that's the Scottish hills, loch and blue Altea.

    Mine is fine as well... I just feel that my dealer that I use is pricy for service but then if they don't leave a mess of issues behind them, then perhaps I shouldn't complain.

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