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***Rules & Guidelines for For Sale Section- PLEASE READ***

Discussion in '** FORUM RULES & FAQ - Please Read **' started by m0rk, Jun 27, 2004.

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  1. m0rk

    m0rk sarcasm comes free
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    May 19, 2001
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    New Rules & Guidelines for Advertisements



    1) Only the Advertiser can reply to their post

    2) The advert will be removed from the website after 45 days. This includes all attachments & information.

    3) Neither SEATCupra.net, nor any member of the Team can take any responsibility for the adverts placed.

    4) Buyer Beware. Always ascertain a level of confidence with the advertiser before parting with your money. The last thing that we want is for someone to get ripped off. (see Code of Conduct below)

    5) Only Full Members can post for sale adverts, Newbies need to be promoted to Full Member access before being able to post any for sale adverts. (At least 15 days of forum membership plus 15 posts to non general chat sections will see you promoted).

    6) All adverts are subject to 'approval' before being viewed publicly. If they don't comply with the rules, they will be removed & you won't be informed.


    1) Everything has a price, or at worst a “offers around”

    No Price, no Ad. It will be removed.

    2) No Commercial posts, (except for SEAT Dealer Stocks) – Please don't use SEATCupra.net as a springboard for your latest business opportunity.

    If you want to offer the members your product, please email one of the Administrators – a list of whom can be found here.

    3) No selling of illegal items or copyrighted items. This includes software.

    4) You must include an email address and/or phone number. (No contact info, no approval)

    NOTE:You are not permitted to use the PM (Private messaging system) as a means of contact. Not every user has access to PM, nor do guests. So your cutting off a lot of potential buyers.


    Description – Accurately describe the item you wish to sell in the thread title.

    Bad Example: **LOOK HERE**

    Good Example: 2001Y Ibiza Cupra 36K Modified.

    Then include all the other information inside the post regarding all other aspects.

    Bad Examples will either be removed or edited, whichever is easier.
    Pictures – A good set of pictures will help no end to draw interest to the goods you're selling.

    NO EBAY LINKS - we're all capable of trawling ebay if we want to.

    CODE OF CONDUCT: - Placing an advert on SCN means you are agreeing to our terms

    While any placed advert shall be entirely the legal responsibility of the seller, all adverts will comply under the websites code of conduct. SEATCupra.net does not in way warrant or guarantee the For Sale section of the forum. Any financial loss is at the risk of the buyer and seller.

    Buyers and sellers make use of the For Sale areas at their own risk. By placing an advert you are agreeing to our terms of use and SEATCupra.net is not in any way legally responsible should any agreement go wrong.

    It is the duty of the Seller to accurately describe the item(s) for sale and set a clear price as per our rules. Any extra charges such as delivery charges must be agreed with the buyer.

    If you enter into an agreement on price and delivery charges, you can not then go back on that agreement. {once the agreement has been settled}

    Payment is the responsibility of the buyer and seller to negotiate, and any payment should be made promptly.

    The seller must post or dispatch by courier, the item in a reasonable time frame. It is also good practice to inform the buyer when the item has been despatched. If the item is worth a considerable amount, recorded delivery or postal insurance should be considered.

    Buyers should allow a reasonable amount of time for the items to arrive if it has been despatched, and upon arrival the item should be checked immediately.

    Any seller or buyer that fails to meet their obligation on any For Sale agreement will be barred from using the for sale section, or even removed from the forum entirely. Note that in the case of theft or fraud, all information regarding logs, ip, email information will be passed to the relevant authorities upon request.

    SCN reserves the right to remove any adverts deemed unsuitable.
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  2. andyb

    andyb Admin -SCN Canada:)

    Aug 29, 2001
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    two more things:-


    As a piece of courtsey,

    if your going to sell an item, please make sure you check your email or PM's regularly. We have hundreds of people log on each day, so there may well be queries.

    Also, if you have agreed a SALE, make sure you follow up with the buyer when its been sent and recieved, again regular checking of email or PM helps this situation.

    If you sending the article Royal Mail, bear in mind this isn't the most reliable source now adays, so we'd recommend sending it registered, and using there site to determine its current location to ensure it gets to the buyer.

    Lastly, remember that your IP and ISP plus the times you visit are logged on here and can be passed onto the necessary authorities if there are any disputes.

    If any disputes arise, the deal is with the buyer(s) and seller, although please advise the SEATCupra.net admin team if you are in this situation so we can assist where required

    Place nicely please:)
  3. ZBOYD

    ZBOYD Looking up at the stars!
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    May 19, 2001
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    Rules update - 17/04/2008

    The for sale sections rules have had an update today. We have now added a code of conduct.

    Just recently we have had some sellers who have failed to deliver in a reasonable time frame, or items have not been paid for in a reasonable amount of time. Poorly described items are also causing some concern.

    From today all adverts will be subject to our code of conduct (see post 1). Bearing in mind you make use of the SEATCupra.net For Sale section at your own risk.


    If your advert is reported due to going back on a reasonable agreement. Your advert will be removed.

    If you do not deliver items in a reasonable time frame or items are delivered in an un-described condition. You will be barred from using the For Sale section in future, unless you take steps to sort out the problem.

    Any fraudulent or criminal actions and you will be barred from the site and any information such as IP log, email address etc will be passed to the relevant authorities.

    On the most part the For Sale section is used responsibly and correctly, however we supply this service for FREE to our forum members. If it is abused or leads the site to mediate in any legal wrangles resulting from it's use, the service will be suspended or removed for good.

    So help us to help yourselves.

    Thank You!

    SCN Admin
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