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Sachs Performance kit issue- Seat Cupra mk2 2008

Discussion in 'Leon Mk2 (2006-2012)' started by eSuit, Mar 21, 2019.

  1. eSuit

    eSuit Active Member

    Jun 29, 2017
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    Hi everyone !

    My dualmass-flywheel died in Cupra mk2 2008 year so i bought a an Sachs Performance clutch kit with onemass flywheel :

    this one : 883089.000034 and release bearing : 613182.654150.

    Now i have some strange clicking noise when releasing clutch pedal and problem with hard shifting on hight RPM .
    After 6k RPM its like hitting a wall on every gear 1-2 , 2-3, etc.
    I tought it was bad release bearing so i change it again for new one and still the same.
    My gearbox(KPA) was recovered like 2k km ago so should be in good condition. When i try to change gear i dont hear any strange noise from gearbox..

    clicking noise in this video https://streamable.com/monzc

    Mayby anyone have the same problem as me and found a solution,
    I do not know what to do anymore .

    Thank You
  2. fozzybear

    fozzybear middle aged speed freak

    Feb 4, 2006
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    Because you have replaced your dual mass with single gear changes are harsher as no cushion from dual mass...if want it back to normal you need the dual mass f/wheel...if you read up on single mass you,ll see its a compromise to a quicker change...takes practice to get it right...better for track once used to it though....lol

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