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Seat Cordoba 1.6 AFT Starting problem 1999

Discussion in 'Cordoba' started by Jepuz, Feb 20, 2017.

  1. Jepuz

    Jepuz Active Member

    Feb 20, 2017
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    Hi from Finland.

    My Seat Cordoba 1999 1.6 AFT motor won't start.
    No fault codes found with VCDS 1.2 Lite / Vagcom and MaxiScanner.

    All started when starting the car got harder.
    With gas pedal pushed it still started, even tho little bit "jumpy".
    After bad starting the car still worked with no problems.

    At this time, I bought new temp sensor and ignition switch without any help.
    First new ignition switch was broken so I really bought 2 new ignition switches.

    Then I bought new battery.

    Then the real problems started and I had the car in idling at my parking spot and the car stopped. I tried to start again, but only starting motor was running. Nothing else.

    I tried new coilpack, spark cables, spark plugs, distributor cap and rotor, hall-sensor, crankshaft sensor.
    Also I checked timing belt timing.

    I opened ecu and its looked perfect.
    Immobilizer didn't give any codes and vcds gave all the perfect values for it.

    Then I replaced most of relays, like the "167" fuel pump relay.

    Tried to check all wires etc but didnt see any damaged wires.

    Also opened throttle body and cleaned it.
    1 hose was damaged and I think the problem of bad starting before the big problem was there.

    When I use key in the first ignition position, I can hear the fuel pump sound,
    Then in starting mode the fuel pump runs smoothly and you can smell gasoline.

    Checked spark. It will give only 1 spark even you try to start very long time.

    Then I bought all new parts again, new coilpacks, distributor cap and rotor etc and no effect.

    Tried to give straight +12V to coilpack and also better ground.

    Also tried to give good ground with starter cables to motor and ecu and etc.

    So the problem is that starting motor is running, and it is getting fuel but only bad spark.

    If I try straight to coilpack, it will give spark also from there. But only 1 spark even with long starting. It gives the same 1 spark with all the cables, and also tested with sparkcable and screwdriver 1mm from ground spot.

    Still 1 spark???

    Is there any measurement values to check new crankshaft and hall-sensor?

    Should engine give rpm values when trying to start?

    I've been on my own with this like 3 weeks as nobody in Finland seems to know what to do.. Tried to also google with mk3 golf problems but no similarity found else than this


    nickname donny8155 had same kind of problem but there was no solutions told.

    Hope you guys can help me!

    Thank you!
  2. DaoudNissan

    DaoudNissan Active Member

    Feb 3, 2018
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    Miss firing in my SEAT cordoba

    Hello Jepuz!

    I have about exact problem in my seat but happened after one successful start then cut off ignition eather in idling or while driving ..could be starts after 3-5 minutes by several attempts..but it could be in high risk when stops in highways or critical places.
    I did most the steps you mentioned in checking and replacing parts,with my mechanic person.
    Did also refresh to Data box in specified company and most sensors that interferes to ignition system..also replaced fuel pump,O2 sensor ...
    Did you find any solution to yours?
    Is starting key or switch system or center lock system,have any action for this problem?

    Thanks...David from Sweden
  3. Jepuz

    Jepuz Active Member

    Feb 20, 2017
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    Hi David,

    I'm really sorry to tell this.
    I never found solution for the problem.

    I think I tried almoust everything that is possible.
    My car didn't have central locking.

    I also googled that some newer models had speedometer problems.
    I didnt try to replace that. Some newer models also had starting problems when the rear brake lights didnt work. I had no brake or rear light problems.

    My friend gave me also autodata info for ecu cable info and i measuremented all the cables etc.
    Nothing seemed to be broken.

    I also used led lamp to measure crankshaft position and hall sensor and it blinked when the motor was trying to run.

    Try to check the timing belt timing again, these models have had the timing belt jumping problem.

    I also bought second car with same motor and tried to replace parts from it.
    There was something weird in this car.

    I think there was multiple problems same time. I think I had like 4 new coil packs.
    The one in the car was broken and I tried "from the new car" coil pack and the second coil pack was working.

    I also tried the other car ecu and no help.

    There was little bit odd things in this and my bad english makes some of these hard to explain.

    I found few broken parts.
    1 broken coilpack, 1 broken ignition switch,
    The coilpack got only 11,84v .. then i opened the cableƄack with stanley knife and it had little bit condesing water and then it got 12v ( but that didnt help )

    Hope this helps you somehow.
    Best of luck!

    If you got it working, let me know. I'm also curious!

    - Jepuz
  4. DaoudNissan

    DaoudNissan Active Member

    Feb 3, 2018
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    Hi Jepuz!
    Thanks for you advices.
    The funny thing is I am ashamed to say that I am mechanic and automobile engineer!
    But haven't good and perfect tools and instruments for test and tune up.
    My Seat has no problem in first morning starting even if it is freezing weather!
    It will start perfect and engine will run smoothly as a new engine!
    But mail problem comes later when engine stops suddenly after unlimited while (could be after 15 to 30 or 40 min.)in any place and in any driving condition.
    Then it will not start easily..and after some time (5-10 min)could start and run again ..then this procedure will repeats in each certain period (stops then starts) with no certain reason or fault.
    And if you need to go in this situation,you must have good battery or another one as spare with you as there will be several startings to run again and again..sometimes will take long period to stop!
    You know it is old car(1998) and one can't spent too much to repairs then can't be sold as it is not perfect and complete car..Knowing that it is still at mechanic garage!
    I decide to bring it home and will use my self knowledge and experience to check the silly parts and things that no one could think about them.

    I will let you know if I get anything useful to solve your problem also.
    Thanks again and wish you good luck and will be in touch together.

    #4 DaoudNissan, Feb 4, 2018
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 24, 2018

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