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Seat Ibiza Cool Year 2000

Discussion in 'Ibiza Mk3' started by In need, Aug 2, 2019.

  1. In need

    Aug 2, 2019
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    Hi guys .. I need help.. I recently bought a second hand seat Ibiza cool model registered in year 2000. When I try and start the car it won’t kick into action but is trying to. Sometimes it starts.. sometimes it doesn’t.. to get the car to turn on I disconnect the battery and it starts then occasionally when I’m driving it cuts out on me. I disconnect the battery to get it moving again. Several mechanics have taken a look at it but can’t seem to find the fault. It’s been plugged into the diagnostic system and is coming up with no faults. The battery has been tested and is fully charged and the alrernator has also been checked and again this is fine. Has anyone has this problem before please and if so how have you fixed this? TIA

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