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Seat Ibiza FR 1.9tdi Progress thread!!

Discussion in 'Readers Rides (SEAT)' started by Ad., Jan 20, 2010.

  1. Ad.

    Ad. Guest

    2006 Seat Ibiza FR 1.9tdi

    List of power/handling mods:

    Sachs organic clutch,
    green panel filter,
    pd160 intake,
    milltek exhaust (decat to be done,)
    Stage 1 remap,
    20mm spacers on rear,
    Rear Jabba anti roll bar,
    Audi TT front discs.

    List of other mods:

    Front FR badge,
    Red vinyl at front,
    6k HID's,
    Dewipered rear end,
    Cupra vent levers,
    Cupra leather red stitched handbrake cover.


    Pioneer p900bt,
    Old school infinity up front,
    2 channel old school amp (cant remember what make, was fitted when i bought it)
    Sub and amp just bought to come in post shortly (front end sounds really nice, so went for 10" SQ sub setup)

    To do:

    Avus alloys,
    oval tailpipe,
    stage 3 hybrid turbo,
    final bit of vinyl on front,
    cupra r splitter,
    Rear tints



    Headunit + tweeters



    HID's 6k



    Rear wiper removed


    Cupra Handbrake


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  2. dervpower

    Jul 12, 2009
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    Looks very nice! That DVD thing fits well!

    Also...Are those Headlight washers?

    Be interesting to see pics :D
  3. Ad.

    Ad. Guest

    No unfortunately not, it has some factory pack on it..maybe electronic one? Heated wingmirrors and autodim rear view mirror but that is all. They are just covers :(
  4. dervpower

    Jul 12, 2009
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    Shame, that would be great, although can't see it helping condensation in the lights :whistle:
  5. Ad.

    Ad. Guest

    Just picked up and fitted a few bits from Seat :


    Scuff panels for door sills. Boring i know but previous owner scratched the previous ones to hell so thought for £8 each i may aswell get brand new ones!!
  6. Daryld

    Jan 17, 2010
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    nice motor i have just ordered the mk5 fr in red :) what break are these ones?
  7. Ad.

    Ad. Guest

    FR TDis like mine are 130 standard unsure on torque though?

    FOrgot to mention it has Audi TT breaks on the front and standard discs on the rear.

    Plans to come:

    - Polo rear wiper
    - Refurb wheels
    - stubby aerial and signal booster
    - Sub
    - tidy boot as its a big mess and there are wires all over the car from previous installs
    - SCN sticker

    Anything else i should be considering?
  8. Ad.

    Ad. Guest

    Ive updated my original posts with info and more up to date pics. Not entirely happy with the rear wiper at the moment, has anyone else done this?

  9. Ad.

    Ad. Guest

    So done a bit of work on this recently thought id post it up for some opinions.

    Red vinyl around number plate and below, red wing mirrors and badge removed.


    Debadged the back as well, no pics yet as it needs a clean!


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