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Seat Ibiza MK4 2007 - Power Steering Fault, can anyone help?

Discussion in '** FORUM RULES & FAQ - Please Read **' started by Charlie168, Jan 11, 2016.

  1. Charlie168

    Charlie168 New Member

    Jan 6, 2016
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    2 weeks ago I drove my MK4 2007 Ibiza, turned my engine off left it for no more than 15 minutes - when I came to start it up again the power steering light came on and the steering was heavy. Left if for a few minutes, tried it again - still the same.

    Left it over night, tried it again the next morning everything was fine. Drove it, left it parked up for around hour - went to start it up and the light was on and the steering heavy.

    Dropped it off at a local garage, they said the power steering pump had plenty of fluid, they ran further tests and advised it needed a new pump.

    They fitted a new pump, new pump didn't work. They've had an auto electrician look at, who cannot work out what is causing the problem. The garage are now removing the new pump and refitting the old one and have advised I collect it from them and book it in to a Seat dealer.

    It had a new battery in May 2015 and I've had any power steering problems prior to this.

    Any ideas?



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