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SEAT Leon MK2 Cupra R 2011 (Revo 2+)

Discussion in 'Member's reviews' started by Legojon, Aug 24, 2018.

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    Just to add to the completeness of this. I wouldn't class these so much as upgrades as "things you can spend money on".

    Battery box:

    You don't realise you need this till you have it. The MK2s are designed to remove excess water off the bonnet by dripping it onto the negative terminal of the battery. Luckily, they put a piece of cloth between the water and the terminal. After a decade, this is really unpleasant. So for only 30 of your pounds, you can order these part numbers: 3C0915335, 3C0915336A, 3C0915443A. And will transform this:

    Into this:

    Mould sheet:

    Under every bonnet lurks a most likely mouldy sheet of sound proofing. As water leaks through the scuttle, this gets wet, mouldy and sags down onto your engine bay cover. Choices are, remove it completely, but then that water is going into your engine bay:


    Or seal the scuttle following the guide here:

    Porsche caps:

    Not that there's any really benefit... but if you too want to own two pieces of a Porsche this is your chance. The coolant cap is a direct fit. I believe the oil cap will fit with or without the filler neck (but I've kept the neck so can't confirm the former). Note that the oil cap doesn't sit straight. Which is fine. There is a guide out there to take it apart and put it back together straight. But sounds a lot of work to me.


    Dip stick:

    The most expensive dipstick you'll ever own. The good news is, the dipstick seals (little rubber bits) tend to break up and can be a cause of many head scratching issues. So just replacing the dipstick if it's a decade old is a good call. This one apart from looking awesome (even if I say so myself) has the bonus of an indented section for reading the oil level. This stops you scraping oil off the tube on the way up then trying to figure out where your actual oil level is. Also makes it much easier to read:


    Engine cover:

    If you have an intake and you want an engine cover, you have two choices. You can try and cut down your old engine cover which some have found some success with. Or you can buy a new or used TTS cover (and have more fun painting it yourself). Note that if you buy the TTS cover (which I don't have) you'll need to buy the longer fitting bolts as well.
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