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Seat Letchworth - Appalling after care

Discussion in 'SEAT UK Dealer Network' started by plugNNN, Nov 12, 2018.

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    Aug 15, 2018
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    Bit of a long rant here (apologies) that's been ongoing for months now, but I feel let down by SEAT after sales service.

    Long story short, bought a My15 cupra, straight out of the dealership back in April 2017, 9months old barely any mileage, full extras - a bargain at that point I thought.

    Early this year, someone managed to reverse park into the cupra, damaging the front wheel arch and the alloy on the passenger side. Thankfully the person in question left a note and we sorted it out through their insurance as she couldn't afford to pay it outright in cash.

    Took the car to a few local garages that quoted something out of this world and then I got a recommendation of a friend from another local garage that done good jobs and at a good price, even though it wasn't of my interest how much it cost.

    The body shop fixed the wheel arch and took the alloy to a specialist that refurbs diamond cut alloys. when he was checking the wheel he straight out refused to fix it saying it had been previously refurbed, badly. I asked him how is that possible as you couldn't see anything on the alloy before. He then pointed out what it was and my world I was baffled. Most likely it had been a curb of some sort as it was a very small detail. The alloy specialist said that there was a "slight bump" underneath the paint coat, as it had previously been sanded down and painted instead of going into the cutting machine. I never really noticed as its very faint and could've been dust from the breaks or just dirty really.

    Contacted the dealership who outright said there was nothing they could do and only apologised. Then contacted SEAT UK Customer Care who said it's up to the dealership but they could try contacting them and help somehow which it worked. The dealership agreed to look into the issue and even fix it but they did not have any courtesy car for 6 or 7 weeks (conversations had between August till November) and asked me to drive off with the space saver... Since then I have been trying to contact them with no success, request callbacks that don't happen. I even went there personally to speak to them (it's quite far from where I live but you need to try right) and my luck the manager wasn't there, it was the day off.

    Not really sure what to do now, tried Motor Ombudsman but they will take a few weeks if not months before they can do anything about it.

    Apologies for the REALLY long post but I've run out of options and see if there is anything else someone could advise.

    Note: Car also sold with maps out of date :/ which they obviously said they could fix, by paying the SD Card
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