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SEAT Repair Manual and Workshop Information

Discussion in 'Ateca' started by Tell, May 9, 2017.

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    Jun 27, 2004
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    To answer a lot of the technical questions of the Ateca the full workshop manuals are available by an hourly or daily rate for download as PDF files. You can browse but can't download if you don't pay.


    7 Euro's + VAT gives you the ability to download in an hour the complete set of PDF maintenance and workshop manuals for the Ateca (pretty vast) + the SSP training guides for staff + VIN build data. Also on the site is recall information and host of other information. After the car has been serviced you should also be able to see the record of what was done.

    If you buy an hours time, probably best to download the VIN lookup build data, go onto the maintenance and workshop manuals download, then go onto the SSP training manual. It appears that if you don't move out of the PDF download area you might be able to complete a full download if the time does run out but obviously what you can do in 60 minutes is dependent on internet speed.

    A word of warning, when paying by credit card it wants your address in European style:

    Street, number

    Else if wont' validate your credit card correctly.

    Probably it's also a good idea to go online before the car is serviced so you can check recall notices, software updates and download any updated maintenance / workshop manuals. Essentially it's like having a big Hayes guide online. It's a good set of reference materiel on the Ateca.

    (Credit this to Metalsman)
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