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    Hi All

    Im new to this forum still trying to get the hang of it

    I have a DSG 2012 Seat Leon 1.6 TDI Diesel and its just hit 45k

    I've just had my car serviced at a local garage and he's charged me £80. I checked the maintenance book and the only thing thats been ticked is the " oil change service" assuming this includes change of oil filter too? Have I been ripped off??

    My knowledge isn't great when it comes to servicing parts and want to understand how it works. I know all parts have different recommendations as to when they should be serviced but i dont know where to get that info from. I've had a look at maintenance service book but its confusing me! Was hoping someone could share what the recommendations are for the following parts, or share link to a site that would provide that info please:

    1. Dust & pollen filter
    2. Air filter
    3. Fuel filter
    4. brake fluid
    5. DSG oil & filter
    7. ATF
    8. Haldex oil
    9. Gas filter
    10. Liquid gas filter
    11. Timing belt
    12. glow plugs

    THANKS in advance :thumbup:
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    If it's just oil and filter it's a little steep although genuine oil and filter probably about £40 and 1 hour labour not a million miles off?

    For a standard service I'd expect to change

    Pollen filter
    Air filter
    Fuel filter
    Oil filter

    And then a check around all areas of the car, read any codes off ecu and a report/advice of any issues that may need addressing also. E.g. lights out, brakes worn any leaks etc. This could also include advice on changing other things you list such as dsg oil or brake fluid.

    A lot of the other items you mention are not generally part of a standard minor service, even oil is long life these days and not always changed every service.

    I'd expect service at decent indy specialist to be anywhere from £150-200ish

    I had my cam belt done early just because I'm paranoid having had one go on me before so had mine done around 50k but that needs doing on correct mileage and or age... I've seen 60k and 100k quoted.

    I don't even know what gas filter and liquid gas is? And I thought haldex was for 4wd?

    Brake fluid I usually change as part of pad/disc change when needed.

    I'd talk to a decent independent specialist about advice on other things like dsg etc or ask in the listers seat section for dealer advice on the same?

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