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Side airbag igniter passenger side N200 001 Upper limit Exceeded Intermittant Mil on

Discussion in 'Ask for help with your car and FAQs' started by Quicksilverline, Dec 9, 2017.

  1. Quicksilverline

    Quicksilverline New Member

    Dec 9, 2017
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    On my seat leon 2.0 TFSI Sport MK2 had above code come up when read through vag com. I disconnected the battery negative, disconnected the airbag, seat sensor and seatbelt sensor plugs from the compartment to the left of the seat. Then removed the seat. Replaced all the connectors under the seat with 1.5mm sq spade male and female insulated crimps. As a precautionary measure I used heat shrink to cover all. Refitted the seat and connector plugs but fault came back. I then replaced the plugs to left of seat in floor panel with the same crimps and heat shrink. Fault still came back. Then bought a replacement complete side air bag that fits into the seat. Pulled seat out again, worked the seat lining covers up and replaced the complete side air bag of the passenger seat. Refitted and fault still came back. I then removed the passenger side door panels and found the passenger side crash sensor. Bought replacement from TPS (£50). Fitted this and replaced covers. Reset fault and the re read again. Fault has not come back. Know it’s a long story but had to share as it was a real pain to find. Hopefully I can save someone else the struggle I had. Note always disconnect the battery negative when wiring in your air bag system, also do not wear any clothing that generates static electricity. All this work done cost me less then £100 and my car is now fault free. Good luck and always take care when carrying out your own repairs. I accept no responsibility in any way and this post is a reflection of my own experience only

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