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Smaller alloys

Discussion in 'Arona' started by cejsmith, May 12, 2019.

  1. cejsmith

    cejsmith Full Member

    Mar 19, 2004
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    our arona came with 18” alloys, which I think are total overkill for the car. What smaller options do I have and what’s the cheapest place to get them from. Smaller wheels are less like to be damaged when she goes down tracks to see her horse and I can also put some cross climates on them.

    It’s a Xcellence lux if that makes any difference.
  2. Crossthreaded

    Crossthreaded Active Member

    Apr 16, 2019
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    It'll all depend on how big the caliper/disc size is. As you may be aware though you'll need to choose tyres which maintain the rolling diameter otherwise your speedo won't read true (and may be "illegal"). Aftermarket alloys is big business these days and there are specialists who you can find by googling "alloy wheels". Personally, I'm fed up with alloys and much prefer steel wheels on standard road cars. - maybe different if I had a Ferrari, Lambo or McLaren? But that's never going to be achievable (and there's lots of other things would have to come before expensive cars anyway!) I've now sourced full size steel spare wheels for my own Ibiza, my oldest boy's Punto and his wife's Kia Rio. I hadn't realized there was this market for "steelies" and there seems to be a large range of sizes, offsets and stud PCDs available. Much, much cheaper than alloys too! so if you're into "image" - could be a cheaper solution? Four "steelies" for roughly the price of one fancy alloy?

    I am in sympathy with you on this trend for very large diameter wheels fitted with "rubber bands". Before they bought the Kia my older boy had a Fabia Scout with this sort of setup. one large pothole = new wheel and tyre needed! There was so little deflection available in the sidewall that it "bottomed out" and bent the rim! It was one of the main points I considered when I bought the Ibiza ST. I went for the 1.0 95hp Ecomotive which has 15" rims and 185/60 section tyres - rides the potholes and Edinburgh's many cobbled streets just lovely! Our Panda is even better being on 155/80/13's - very "pneumatic"!

    PS don't forget to tell your insurer. I don't think it will affect your premium but they could walk away from you after an accident if you don't tell them!
  3. LouG

    LouG Active Member

    Dec 1, 2017
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    I like the 18's, even they look a bit underwheeled on a higher vehicle. But it does make the Arona feel like a kart in corners.
    I do like the Pirelli P7's more than I thought I would too.

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