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    Hows it going ladies and gents just need a little input on my current situation,

    I've got a leon mk 2 tdi fr, I had an accident a about 2 month back resulting in snapped drive shaft snapped wishbone twisted drop link smashed sump and smashed 2 alloys, now I've replaced and fixed everything.

    Reason I'm doing this is 4 years no claims if I had 5 year protected I would of claimed.
    And as this is all new to me it's all a learning curve.
    I'm on the last stage of getting it on the road now as my steering wheel is turned 90' to the right can I manually adjust my steering rack to fix this? The wheels are aligned visually I haven't taken the car for a drive as I still have 3 punchered tires on it. I have another set to replace them temporarily. Any help would be much appreciated


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