Sticking VNT or dying MAF

Discussion in 'Leon Mk2' started by glynnd, Jul 11, 2018.

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    Evening all,

    Few questions, looking for anybody with experience of the issues below on a CHFC Leon TDI FR 140

    Recently had the Leon mapped to approx 190hp at 76,000 miles.

    Since mapping the car loses a bit of power at approx 4200 rpm - most noticeable in 3rd and 4th.

    Ive logged the air flow through the engine at it maxes at 15.8lbs/min which if im calculating correctly is 158hp?

    I dont suspect the map is an issue as I have had 3 cars done by the lad and the other 2 have been spot on.

    As I dont have a VCDS cable, whats the cheapest source of one to enable me to do full logging?

    What do people think, taking into account the above symptom, is it a turbo issue or a MAF

    Thanks for any input..
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    Boost leak perhaps?

    Can you log requested boost vs actual boost (when you get VCDS)

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